Tried the Silk'n. It's like waxing but better.

As a man, ingrown hairs are a major problem with waxing. Not so much with shaving, but sometimes, in some areas.
I’ve had professional laser treatments (LightSheer). And painful laser treatments. Many times!! They reduced the hair for a certain amount of time, but for me, the hair grew back. Finer in some areas, the same in others.
So far, I’ve used the Silk’n Bellalite (from Costco) for 4 treatments around 2 weeks apart. (I started with the 5 level and it was nowhere near as painful as the laser treatments.) The hair falls out, mostly. Some doesn’t. But there are no ingrown hairs or pimples.
If I wax, 3 weeks later I have horrible ingrown hairs and pimples all over. Shaving - as I said above - in some areas I get many pimples (middle of back, shoulders near chest).
With the Silk’n, I don’t get those pimples and since some hair falls out, the area feels much more smooth.
After spending more than $4,000 on laser treatments over the years, I don’t feel so bad about spending $400 for an IPL, extra bulbs, that reduces some hair and leaves me pimple free.
Yes, I know it won’t be permanent, but neither was the laser in my case. It’s better than waxing and/or shaving alone.
(And NO, I don’t work for Silk’n. I am a (hairy) healthcare professional who doesn’t want to spend the time and money for other hair treatments.)

Hey Serge, – I am a reseller and user of silk’n. I have had the same success as you. Yeah, a lot of people think one or two treatments should work – but you really have to stick with it… the difference maker comes in at around 6-8 treatments – that is when you can notice the success!

The bulbs are a bit expensive too – another draw back… but worth spending $50 on a new bulb – than $2000 on a professional laser treatment.

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