Tried everything, nothing working

I have tried Tend Skin, I have tried Pore Restore, I have switched razors several times. I tried the bump fighter but I am not willing to leave my house with the kind of stubble it gives me (It basically leaves me with a 5:00 shadow at 9 AM) I’ve tried electric razors, including the Norelco advantage lotion dispensing razor. I have used The Neutrogena skin defense products, including the skin clearing shaving cream and still I have bumps. These techniques have helped… I used to get huge rash-like bumps all over my neck, now I only get a few when I shave, but it is still unsightly.

I am beginning to seriously consider laser hair removal. I am thinking about just having the hair on my neck below the jaw line removed. What should I be looking for, and how much (ballpark) should I expect to pay for this? How perminant is it, and what kind of damage will this do to my skin? Thanks in advance for all your advice

Dave Chandler