Tria next generation at-home LHR

Has anyone used this ?
There are some good reviews on various websites and I was thinking of getting it for my bikini line and may be underarms.
I have dark hair.
I know not to look for immediate results and I can be patient with it if it is really going to work.

Are you located in the U.S.? if you are in or nearby a metropolitan area, and want to do small areas like kini and undie arms, you are better off buying a good deal on a laser package. You can get a package for both at very good clinics, for about $400 total. :O.

I’m not just talking about grabbing any ol deal on groupon, but if you really look around you can find a very good clinic that occasional does the deal offers in order to get new clients in.

The tria is not permanent.

I’m gonna eat my words a little bit here, this person seems to have gotten, what i can’t say is permanent, but 90-95% of her hair has been completely gone for 1 full year after her last treatment. From all the reviews i’ve read, i’d say she’s in the minority, but here ya go…

she chronicles both the Silk’n and the tria. I do find her credible and have followed her posts since quite early on.

"I can’t believe it has been one year since I have last used the Tria laser hair removal system. When I finished using the laser on my bikini line I had about a 95% hair reduction where I used the highest setting and a 90% reduction where I used the second setting deeper in my bikini line (read review). I used the first Tria released that had three power settings, the updated model now has five.
How Does My Bikini Line Look Now?

I did an update after six months, and let you know then that my results were still the same. What about now? So, a drum roll please… As far as I can tell, no hair has come back and my hair reduction is the same as last year.
Loving It"