Treatments in London


hi, ive been reading various things on this site about how you should choose your electrologist carefully. So I was wondering if anybody knows of a reputable one who operates in or around London (England)?
Also how old do you have to be to undergo the treatment? im 16 at the moment but dont think ill take the treatment for a year or two (money, and finding the right person to do it). I want to get my back done, as its not extremely hairy right now, but it is fairly, and can only see it getting more so. So I would like to eliminate this problem as early as I can.

Thanks for your help


I don’t know the laws in your contry, but in the US, minors usually have to have a parent’s permission to get electrolysis.

I wish I could point you toward a practitioner, but I don’t know the area. Keep asking around and doing your homework.


Nick: I applaud your decision to begin that hair removal at a young age Later on you get so busy with other things that it is hard to get around to it. What areas are you planning on removing the hair from? I wouldn’t think age would be a factor :except possibly in the pubic area and only because of possible molestation of a minor by some operator. Is money going to be a problem? If not go for it all now. You’ll never regret it.


I want to get my back hair removed, right now it is not that bad but there is still hair there, and more will only come. I would also like the back and possibly front my neck done too.
I aim to get this done when i start full time work which will be in under 2 years, so hopefully money will not be a problem if i save some aswell.
Im doing my research now so that I find the right person to get the job done.
Thanks for the replies