Treatments from electologist students

In another post I read, someone mentioned a school in orange county where you can get treatments by a student for a reduced cost. I realize what’s more important than saving money is getting effective treatments by a skilled electrologist who isn’t going to scar you. However, as someone with a limited budget, this is definitely an option I would look into.

Has anyone been treated by students? If so, please share your experiences. Would you recommend this option?

I would really appreciate input from electrologists too, who have been through schooling. How confident where you giving treatments as a student? Did you have any problems?

I also realize that although an experienced electrologist will cost more hourly, over the long run there may not be much of a cost difference since the experienced electrologist would probably be a lot more efficient. What do you think?

Also, I wanted to mention I’m from San Diego, near UTC. If anyone has recommendations for schools I can go to, or even experienced electrologists that they are happy with, please let me know.


I’ve been there quite a lot (in fact I got a call from them a couple days ago asking where I’ve been). It’s called AIE and it’s a good school. The students are supervised and use kind of “safe” settings. They don’t experiment much so there’s not to much risk. There are “freshmen” who cost $5 per hour (they go quite slowly) and “seniors” who cost $20 and are allowed to do facial work instead of just body work.

They go significantly slower, it’s true. So paying $20 an hour may not save you much money if it takes you 3 or 4 times as long as the electrologist charging $70 per hour. But oftentimes you’ll get lucky and have a pretty good student.

A while back, I had a pretty fast freshmen who got a lot done in three hours and it only cost me $15! She was almost a senior, but not QUITE there yet. I was very pleased.

This school uses very new technology, even for the students. I say it’s great for body work if you get a good student (and then you can request her each time after that), but I wouldn’t personally trust a student with my face. That’s just me, lots of people there do.

Give it a shot and see if there are any good students you like. It’s cheap enough to be worth a try, and you can stop them if you feel they are doing something wrong.

PS: I almost attended this school myself and got to know them and they are all very nice and knowledgeable. The finances caused me to have trouble affording tuition, but otherwise I would have gone because it’s just a respectable place like that.

I read your reply on my other post, thank you so much. Sounds like I should reserve the student work for my body. I do eventually want to do work on my body and will definitely consider AIE then. As for now my face is my priority and I want to put every dollar I can towards that.

Just to know for the future, have you had problems with scarring?

I really hope you can afford the tuition one day. You’ve been very helpful and seem to really care about the topic. You would probably become a great electrologist.

I have never scarred, but I do get marks that take a long time to fade on my body (never done my face before). They are pink dots kind of. I get them with all modalities because my skin is so sensitive, but I’ve heard here that it’s more likely to happen on the body than the face, and on the face you shouldn’t expect any residual marks (and certainly no scars).

That kind of has more to do with how dense the hair is. Treating follicles that are further apart at first can reduce the risk of too much inflammation and thus marks.

Part of the problem is that overtreating two immediately adjacent follicles can create a pit (since the treatment radius overlap the area between the two overtreated follicles is badly overtreated/eroded.)

I am curious how AIE tells their students working on a face full of dense hair to approach it; do they thin the hair out first and then go back for a full clearance after the skin heals from the first treatment to prevent this problem?

I’m sure they do. I don’t know personally, but they usually err on the side of caution there. Plus, with how slow the students go, you can’t get full clearance right away anyway so it would be more natural to treat every fifth hair for example instead of clearing one dense quarter-sized section a week.

MPK - do yu have the contact info for appointments at AIE?