Treatment Update



Thought I would post the update of my second laser treatment pointed toward full male beard removal.  Dr. checked my results from four weeks ago, and he decided to stay at the current levels.  The stats for those who are interested are :

T1: Apogee 9300 at 16J, 40ms, and 1Hertz; 536 pulses taken with no meds.

T2: Apogee 9300 at 16J, 40ms, and 1Hertz; 673 pulses taken with no meds. Temp outside was 98, so doc is remaining cautious.

I quizzed the doc about the higher Joule settings that seem common in this group, and he said he prefers a longer pulse at a lower settings. Food for thought I suppose.

Skin is currently very bumpy especially in the Fu Manchu area of the chin. Will keep the group posted. Thanks,


I’m glad to hear you can do it with no pain meds!

Just so people can keep track, could you list the dates of treatment in future updates? It makes it easier for people to get a sense of the time frame!

Thanks for the update, Deane, and best of luck as you continue! :relaxed:



First treatment was Aug 8, and the second was Sep 5. These are Thursday afternoons at 4 week intervals. Went to the Symphony Friday night and looked a bit rough, but have been able to keep a razor off of it until this morning, which seems a fair amount of time to recover from the treatment. Oddly enough, the second treatment was more of a character builder re the pain, especially the moustache area. Am seeing nothing but white hairs in the cheek area. Will see about taking some photos for your files. Thanks,



What it is considered a lon and short pulse width (duration)?

Some of my Lightsheer treatments tok place at 100ms and others at 30-40 ms. I am not sure if one was more efective than the other. One reason the shorter pulse width was to cover a larger area per time period. No pigment change or any other damage with either pulse width. I may be able to handle even higher fluences though at the longer pulse width, correct?



Dear RCJ,

 If I remember my optics from Physics classes, the longer the pulse, the less power would be necessary to deliver the same amount of this sort of treatment.  I am also working on a very concentrated beard, as opposed to sparse back or body hair.  Andrea's comment about getting an expert were heaven-sent, and I am very grateful that I am in the hands of a true pro.  Be careful and best of luck,