Treatment tips from a reader:

A reader sent these tips:

What I tried seemed to significantly reduce my post-surgical facial swelling, when I had my eyelids done. Now I realize it might also have helped me reduce electrolysis swelling and scarring too. It’s to prepare the face for what’s coming. What I did for the eye surgery was do vigorous massage of the eyelids and surrounding area twice a day for a couple weeks before the procedure. That was so the capillaries would be fully exercised, and I give them a break the day before so they’d be primed to go when the insult came. I had been prone to swelling on other things before, but for the upper eyelid surgery my swelling was quite minor and peaked in 24 hours rather than giving causing major swelling peaking in 48 hours as I was told to expect. That’s not a controlled scientific study, but I think worth others trying to see if it helps.

I think it should help to quicken recovery and reduce skin damage for electrolysis too. It might be hard to tell considering how much depends on the spacing of treated hairs and how intense the heat pulse is. Still, worth trying for anyone experiencing slow recovery (over 24 hours). I think that’s the sign that damage is being done.

Maybe the even more important thing for electrolysis is having the person doing the treatment understand that it doesn’t slow treatment much to do hairs consistently well spaced, and to not return to areas already done to risk double hits at the same spot. It saves the skin needless abuse, and beautiful lasting skin is more important than immediate appearances of progress.

Concerning the second part- I’ve been wondering-this is for clients who wish to have larger areas like legs or chest treated-how would it be to do electrolysis in thin vertical strips-this will mean that the skin and vessels on either site of the strip are intact and blood flow is closer to normal rate as opposed to when large patches are treated and the center of the patch is far away from normal, untreated skin.

Of course this wouldn’t work for people who don’t wanna look funny in between treatments lol.

The “Beverly Hills” plastics usually do several facials before surgery and hyperbaric afterward (they also sell vitamins and all kinds of wingwangs to put on the face to “help it”). My “doc” does not. I have seen no difference at all in the immediate and post-surgical results with or without this “pampering.” (Oh, of course the "Beverly Hills guys” literally charge 2-3X more than my “doc.”) I wish I could state actual names and surgeries … but, I live in California and we have these malevolent things called lawyers!

The major contributor to NOT healing properly? SMOKING! We won’t do a facelift on a smoker — period. As you know, smoking reduces facial blood flow and healing is greatly reduced. If you smoke … STOP! I guess smoking could affect electrolysis healing too? (Almost nobody smokes now in California.)

It does make theoretical sense to epilate in strips, as you say. In practicality you don’t need to do this. I just finished up a guy’s entire back and shoulders… 5 hours per day and 50 hours total (in about 10 days). He’s doing great. He’s a big guy and had maximum dense coverage.

Capillaries are “exercising” (expanding and contracting) all the time (heat regulation and all the other functions). The body has a great collateral blood supply (unlike the face) and I have never seen a healing problem on the body: even with massive amounts of hair removed in a short time.

MASSAGING is dangerous? Facials are dangerous? REALLY? Please point me to the medical evidence that this is so.


The above statement is true.

You can google a list of contraindications for yourself. Here is one intake history form that helps to determine if massage is contraindicated.