Treatment in peach fuzz.

It is not uncommon to read someone who says her electrologist says that treatment in the very fine hair (peach fuzz) is a waste of time because: a) Too regrowth, b) Difficult to insert into these tiny follicles, c) High risk of causing scars due to manipulation in the perilous zone.

Well, I respect the reservations can feel my colleagues who do not feel confident working in this type of hair. But one thing to say “I do not do” and another to say “You can not do”.

Please configure the HD option to watch these two videos. So you can see the roots in grain of salt, typical of the telogen phase as you can find in most of the hairs vellus type.

The lighting angle is a little funny and at times I cant even see the hairs you are working on, even with HD and my glasses. That is, until they are taken out and I can see the root sheath seemingly “suspended in air” . Good job.

Working that close to the lip is always painful, and a challenge.Good work.I just spent most of the day clearing my upper lip , or close to, I have to go out to Nightfrosts and fix his computer and am out of time.Still a bit of cleanup to do the odd stray hair but I’m pretty happy with the end result.No peach fuzz left though I think I got most of that about a month ago.

I’m wondering what kind of probe that is though. It seems awfully thin, as expected, and a two piece. Surely you arent using IBP’s for this work?



Yes, Seana, I was using a IBP .003. There is still a smaller size to work in such as fine hair, the .002, but most of the pores of this lip were quite dilated.

Thanks for your kind words, :slight_smile: