treatment in NYC


I live in New York City and I want to remove the hair of my upper lip. Here are many places in that promise to be very good with your skin and your pocket, but the truth is that I don’t know who should I believe. I am very confused now and I don’t know anybody who has gotten the treatment here to ask for reference. Do you know of any clinic or spa that has proven to be effective?

The one place that I have heard rave reviews is Completely Bare ( I even went to them for a consultation, but was still doing research so I haven’t had an actual treatment from them. But many celebrities in NY go to them. I really liked them and they were so helpful and friendly. I am still trying to determine the right type of machine I should look for and I really hope they have it cause I would LOVE to go to them.

Good luck.

If you need safe and effective hair removal treatment you can contact my center LaserX at 718-646-2989 and schedule a free consultation. After the consultation you can draw your own conclusions.