Treatment for Mediterranean skin (pics, SF area)

Hi there

I am a male, 27, of Lebanese descent interested in laser hair removal. I’ve done electrolysis to great success but want to try laser to get some reduction on my very hairy legs. I know that laser doesn’t work perfectly on darker skin types, but electrolysis on this area would be very difficult, as there is such dense hair.

I was hoping one of the experts here could help me figure out what kind of treatment to pursue. I would say my skin type is between III and IV; my hair is dark but my skin is much lighter:

Can anyone recommend a good practitioner in the San Francisco Bay area? I want to go to someone who has experience treating my type of skin.

Thanks for your help.

Start calling around if no one can offer you a recommendation for a laser specialist.

It sounds like you need a Yag laser, specifically for you skin color.

I have seen fabulous results for lower leg hair especially. Maybe one or two treatments would be enough to thin out the hair? The downside is that you might end up with some patchiness. If that happens, then your electrologist may be able even things out???