Treatment areas

I am this close to choosing my laser clinic (my last consultation is Monday and I have a feeling they are going to be my final choice), and I have some general questions:

1. If I decided to treat my whole leg (a much better deal than just my lower legs), how far up the thigh do they treat before it’s considered the “bikini area”? Much of my bikini hair extends a bit down my thigh, and I’d like that treated as well.

2. Is it reasonable of me to request they only treat the backs and insides of my thighs (for a lower cost)? The hair on the front and outer side is too thin for laser I think and I don’t want to stimulate more growth. But I really need the other thigh sections treated.

3. What settings are the highest I can go (It’s a GentleLASE)? I have almost completely white skin (Type I I believe) and black hair, and I am okay with absolutely any amount of pain. I don’t want them to “go easy” on me, not even the first time. What settings can I ask for?

  1. you need to discuss this with the clinic. there is no one cutoff that every clinic follows. everyone makes their own definitions.

  2. legs don’t really experience induced growth, but you’re right that it’s not worth treating if you can tell the hair is not coarse enough. yes, you can talk to them about spot treating that area at a lower cost

  3. the highest setting is 20J on 18mm spot size. we can’t tell you what’s safe on your skin, but you can ask them to test this setting and see your skin reaction. based on what you describe, it should be fine on your skin, but once again we can’t guarantee this over the internet.

Thank you! Now I have a starting point for the settings that I can tell them to try on me. Wish me luck at my consultation!

Okay I need help!!! I’m very very confused!

I asked him what settings he will use on me, and he told me the machine goes up to 40 or 50 joules! I thought the highest was 20? I told him I would prefer started at 18J or 20J on 18mm spot size, and he refused. This was after I had paid. The nurse told me the doctor would use the highest setting that was safe and that he’s an expert, so I went for it.

But then they brought me back really quick to get a prescription for numbing cream and I had the chance to ask him in person if he will use high settings, and he said no!!

He says he starts at 14J and works up to 16J and that it’s pretty much never necessary to go into the 20s or higher because if it kills the hair at 14J, then extra energy is just a waste, plus it’s too painful. I tried to argue with him and he was VERY VERY NICE, but the argument amounted to him saying “Trust me, I’ve done this for a very long time.”

Gah! I really like this clinic, but he seems terrified of burning me. They even admitted I have some of the lightest skin he’s seen. How do I handle this?

Nobody? My appointment is in 2 hours, I’m getting really nervous.

If I convince him to start me at 16, is that okay? I really doubt he’ll go higher than that.

Does anyone at all have any advice?

All I can say is, you have already paid, give the guy a chance to find a treatment energy that he believes is both safe and effective.

Right now, today, I am dealing with a client who wants to tell me how to do my job, and stumbled upon something that I have been trying to do differently from what has been demanded by the client. Guess what? Now the client is instructing me to do what I tried to do in the frist place a year ago, but has forgotten that that’s what I wanted to do from the beginning… and it is being presented as if this is new information being given to me, that I must not have known! :mad:

Hahaha, I know. Clients like us are annoying as hell.

But, hello! I think I know a LIIIITTLE more about laser than him; After all, I’ve spent a whole HOUR researching these things on the internet. Hahaha.


I am just trying to go by the common advice on these boards based on my searches for the settings. This is my last bit of money combined with an early christmas present from my mom and I’m probably not emotionally stable enough to have this not work.

Sorry about your client. Can’t you just remind him that you tried that already and he was hesitant? Then exclaim you are SOOO glad he finally came 'round to your idea?

I had my first treatment. Yowwie, the ankle area hurt! That’s what I get for not using any topical anesthetic. I think I sweated straight through my deodorant.

I talked him into starting at 16J with me. He was telling me that he uses 14J for super light skin, and 12J for many of the rest of the people. 12J is lower than I’ve personally heard, so I’m really glad he didn’t try to use that on me. He didn’t hesitate to add an “I told you so” when he saw I was in pain over the 16J. :stuck_out_tongue: But so far I’ve had no bad reactions. In fact, I’m hardly even the slightest bit pink. I doubt anyone would think my legs look different at all.

I feel like he missed a lot of areas, but apparently they give free touch ups if a lot is missed, so I didn’t want to complain unless I know for sure. If an area never turns red at all, does that mean it was probably missed? Or is it a coincidence?

Really nice guy. If the legs go smoothly, I’ll stick with him for sure.

Wait 3 weeks before you judge what was missed. See how shedding goes.

16J on 18mm is fine. You can try to talk him into spot testing at 18j and 20j. Yes, it will hurt, but most people are looking for effectiveness, right? The way I look at it, if that’s what it takes to make the hair be gone for good, it’s worth handling for an hour. Plus, numbing cream helps a lot if you apply it early enough as instructions indicate.

Oh, I am definitely willing to tolerate pain. I would easily agree to 20J if he would let me. I still need to work on getting him up to 18J though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t afford any numbing cream. It’s like a million dollars per millionth of an ounce. :frowning: The pain is all downhill from here though, right? If I survive this treatment and #2, then #3-6 should be a cake-walk, yes?

Yes, pain is worst on the most dense coarse hair. Also, simplng icing and cooled down aloe vera helps a lot. Have ice packs and aloe on hand.

Ask for a spot test next time!