treatment advice please

im getting my lhr treatments done at sona. ive already bought a like to get the best results possible w/ the $ ive spent (as we all do). as of now im getting the full bikini, happy trail and feet done. i started w/ the latter treatments mid nov 05. according to the “sona concept” bikini/happy trail are to be treated every 3 months from first treatment and feet every 4 months. my next treatment is on the 14th of feb for bikini/ht.

can anyone give me advice as to if i should stick to the “sona concept”? based on what ive read in forums, im thinking i shouldnt. anyone have any advice on when i should schedule these areas to be treated? followed with an explanation as to why.

thanks for your time and for keeping the forum alive. i love you all !!!

technically, the most advisable is to treat hair when it’s new and vulnerable. that means going in after hair has shed and you see enough new hair pop up to justify a treatment.