Treatment #3-4 and Medications related question

Soon will be my 4th treatment and its already more than one month passed since the 1st treatment, but it seems that the hair just grew back again - I am still not sure as I did not remove all the hair in one treatment, but I did removed it part by part so there will be not so much irritation of the skin so I think another week and I will see if there are any results.

Also I have a question: I have began to take Antibiotics because of health problems - can it affect the treatment in any way?
Thank you.

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Hi No Fate,
That’s too soon to notice a reduction in hair growth. It takes about 3 months before you can consider that every single hair you grow has been treated just once. That’s because hair grows in very long cycles. For example, the hairs you treated in your last visit were still totally underground when you first started electrolysis.

You should read the recent thread “My experience” by palyMS. it seems to match what a lot of people have mentioned: that it’s really only after the 6 month mark that you can really notice a huge difference. but you’re getting there!