Treating my face soon


Ive treated my face one year ago with Ndyag but everything came back in a year.

Im gonna try again soon with Epitouch. I know its gonna hurt more (I remember it hurting liek hell) cos there is no cooling device. I just want it done cos even if I shave, I have this dark shadow on my face.

I hope I can get better results this time.

My question is this: is there a higher chance of scarring with an alexandrite laser? Should I shave the morning or the day before? And will it be permanent this time?

I sure hope so, last time, after 3 treatments everything just grew back.



I don’t know anything about the two lasers that you mentioned, but I can tell you from my experiences that I would not use a laser on the face unless it had a cooling device.

During my experience with Epilight (a flashlamp) several years ago, scarring resulted, with little hair removal. I’ve had nine or so treatments to the face with the Lightsheer Diode (has cooling tip) and am finally getting results(i.e. ten weeks without a lot of regrowth). One has to have plenty of patience in order to do the beard, since the settings initally need to be low.

I think the Lightsheer is starting to prove worthy, at least in my case. It has been nearly nine months since my fifth treatment to the stomach and chest and there has been only about thirty percent regrowth. And that regrowth has been a bit finer.

Hope this helps.

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You didn’t say what skin color/hair color you are, and which NdYag was used on you, but I would suggest the Altus Coolglide for beard reduction, or trying a diode like the Lightsheer at very low settings. Men’s beards are incredibly dense and must be treated very carefully, or blistering and permanent scarring could result. Lightsheer is more problematic in this sense, since is generally causes crusting and hyper/hypopigmentation with standard treatment settings, so beard reduction is riskier. NdYag at the proper power and settings is much kinder to the skin, with less in the way of side effects and efficient hair removal. Which yag was used, and what is your coloring? :confused:


James, you also fail to mention how many treatments you had with the NdYag.

As for shaving, I’d say yes, but ask your practitioner.