Treated yesterday with diode laser at new place, got blisters!

I had only had treatments with IPL untill yesterday. I went to this new clinic that uses the diode laser MedioStar and they use the gliding method, but they realy press down the laser hard on you skinn.

I treated my hole body and the treatments hurt VERY MUCH, the paine with IPL is nothing compared to laser, even when you have high settings on the IPL!

I got small blisters on my tighs (front and back), three on my back and also to big ones on my butt. I am brown skinned I have never had blisters. Does anybody know if they will leave permanent scarrs???
The practitioners gave me Aloe Vera to put on and I asked one of them and she said that they will heal completely. But the two blisters on my but are not as small, they are as big as the top segment of a finger.

I don’t know if the settings with MedioStar are comparable with LightSheer, but the fluende was 25 on my legs, 20-23 on my but, 25 on my back, 17-20 on chest and stomach, 20 on arms.

I got the small blisters on my tighs and back at spots where I had postinflammatory hyperpigmentation due to ingrowns, folliculites and acne. But the two blisters on my but I got becuase I have more pigment there and when the peactitioner tried to glide the laser it hurt so much that I moved and like followed the lasers movement so it zapped the same place several times.

I hope the shedding will be good and I hope to God my blisters will heal away completely.

if this is hyperpgmentation, there is a cream that can help speed up the process. you should ask the doctor about it. these things usually go away, just takes a different amount of time depending on the person.

No, it’s not hyperpigmentation. It is blisters you get when you get burned, like fluid filled small “balloons”. They are dark though. All of the “balloons” have sunk in now and are just like very dark crusts, all besides one on my but that is still puffy.

there is a cream that helps with burns as well. you should ask your tech about it and definitely show them the area.

How big are the blisters? If they are small it is nothing to worry about based on my experience. They will go away and heal just fine. You say your hair is a lot finer than it used to be as a result of the IPL treatments. The fluence levels seem comparable to what you may start out with on a Lightsheer.

I am a little surprised that you got blisters from those settings. It could mean your skin is too dark for a diode laser. Keep us posted. If you got some blisters from 40-50J settings that would seem more common.


Most blisters are small, but two on my but are rather big, like the top segment of a finger.
I got the blisters on spots where I had ingrowns/hyperpigmentation/folliculite problems. But on my but it was because my skin is darker the further towards the anus you goe. I have explained it in my first post.
I know that I really can’t take more than 25 J on my legs, it hurt very bad.
Are the settings for LightSheer and MedioStar (or all diode lasers) comparable?

The practitoners at the clinic just gave me Aloe Vera to put on my blisters. I called them today again and they said that there is nothing to do more than put on Aloe Vera and let it heal.
Also I spoke to a plastig surgeon I know and she also said to just put on vaselin and let it heal, and also to keep the blisters clean.

I just hope they wont leave marks <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

Since you have darker skin around you butt area, I would recommend a YAG laser instead of a diode.

Keep us posted on your progress. If 25J causes blisters, it could very well be that a Nd:YAG laser may be better for you. If the hair is too fine it may not work. I would suggest some test spots with a YAG laser to see how you respond. Wait until you heal and see how the hair responded to this last treatment.


I think iranianboy has trouble finding someone with a Yag in his country…

Lagirl is right, here in Sweden YAG lasers aren’t used for hair removal. The best option for darker people is IPL, at least when it comes to pain. I will wait and see how I react to this treatment, but I think I should react good, becuase the IPL didn’t hurt as much as the laser at all. So the hairs realy must have got burned, or maybe it was just my skin burning…don’t know actually. But my hairs arent growing as they use to when you just shave them, they are being pushed out just like after IPL treatments.

If you’re just getting blisters around the hair follicle, and no other burns or scabs, you should be OK. You’ll get a good idea of whether the laser works better than the IPL. I think you will see better results from this than the IPLs.