Treat & leave method (galvanic)

Has anybody heard of the treat and leave method? I heard about this as a strategy used with galvanic modality. Form what I heard it involves treating about 5-10 hairs in a row without removing the hair after each one and then after treatment of up to 10 hairs has been done, going in and then using tweezer to remove those hairs l

Does anybody know the benefits to this? Or any experience with this?

Is there a benefit to leaving the hair in the follicle after it’s been treated with galvanic? Other than maybe gaining speed by not having to constantly stop and remove each hair

It’s actually called the treat and wait strategy and yes, I used to do this alot with blend treatments. The idea is that by waiting a period after the treatment to remove the hair, you are leaving the maximum amount of lye in the follicle. . Galvanic is a chemical reaction, and since chemical reactions follow the formula of efficiency/effectiveness = amount of reactant ( lye int his case) X time by leaving the lye in the follicle and not having some of it be pulled out along with the hair, we get the most effective treatment by allowing the lye the most time to wor. This affects not only ease of epilation, but also effective kill rate.


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Yes I have done this myself with galvanic and always saw better, smoother hair releases when you let the lye sit in the follicle longer after treatment.

Thankyou both so much. Extremely helpful.
Does any body know if there is a limit to how long the hair could be left there after treated. In other words, if the electrologist (hypothetically) wanted to treat more than 10 hairs consecutively before removing each treated hair (to save time and allow the lye to keep working to its max potential) would there be any possible complications with doing this?

There won’t be any complications if left over for longer, but electrologist could lose track of treated hairs so better to do small patches and then remove.