Treading Water w/ Galvanic Electrolysis Treatments

I am female, perimenopausal, almost menopausal.

For the past few years, I have noticed increased facial hair, particularly around the chin and neck. From what I’ve read, this can be attributed to hormonal imbalance which can happen to perimeno women - some places I’ve read attribute it to testosterone.

In September 2011, I began receiving Galvanic electrolysis treatments, about once or twice/week since then…and it’s getting really expensive…
When I travel or for whatever reason, have to miss an appointment, I am freaked to see that much of it still grows in like crazy.

I feel as if I am treading water and not getting very far in terms of permanent removal… any suggestions for a better (hopefully less expensive way?)…

I would appreciate any assistance and advice.

Thank you, BFG

I don’t think anyone has really used straight galvanic sine 1923 (except multiple-needle). You getting “single-needle galvanic?” To which I respond: “Madonna Mia!”

Indeed. The hair developing after the beginning of the hormonal change is usually pretty easy to cope with.
I usually need to apply sessions every 6-8 weeks between clearance of those hair. The session length typically varies from a few minutes to more than an hour (initially!), depending on the amount of hairs to be removed.

@Michael: a few months a ago i could not win a client because i could not convince her of alternatives to single needle galvanic.


Get short treatments from those administering thermolysis and or blend. You will get clearances much faster.

Navigate through this website and learn about the differences between thermolysis, blend and galvanic. Get educated and start self-advocating.

I have done quite a bit of research and from that research was led to believe galvanic was the best.

She uses multiple needles all at the same time - I don’t know - like 12 or 16? they are on long thread-looking things with beads that she reaches for and brings over to my face.

What do you mean when you mention “short” treatments?

Thank you, BFG

Ok, you are having multiple needle.
It is no better or worse than other methods.
Each has a drawback and an advantage.

If you are looking for faster clearance, again, I suggest a short treatment - which refers to time. Try 15 minute treatments of thermolysis and/or blend and you will see that you will have more hairs removed in that 15 minute treatment.

Did you visit several electrologists for consultations or just the one you are currently being treated by? Did you ask her about experiencing thermolysis or blend?

This is like endeavor to ride in a chariot drawn by horses on a highway that allows you to travel at 120 Km / hour, hindering the movement of other drivers. In my opinion, this only hurts the profession. :frowning:

Thank you for your reply.

I had been receiving thermolysis treatments, then switched to multiple needle galvanic after reading that it is the “gold standard” for permanent removal. I read that in more than one place and my electrologist recommends the multiple needle over thermolysis (she does both in her office).

Can you please clarify the drawbacks and advantages to the method I am currently using.?

Thanks, BFG

Careful what you read on the internet barefootgirl :slight_smile: There’s a rather blue site where I think you may have obtained your information from. A lot of it is pretty believable if you don’t already know better. There’s loads of information on hair tell and quite a few practitioners who probably no longer use galvanic. Not because it doesn’t work because of course it does, it’s just that things have moved on a little since 1875 and most electrologists have realised this. I won’t tell you “horror stories” to convince you or show you indeterminate pictures to sway your judgement. I’ll just encourage you to have a look around this site and see what conclusions you come to… Maybe have a look at some of Josefas (dedspain) footage on youtube and see what you think about Thermolysis and it’s possible advantages or not…

It’s unfortunate that there’s no definitive source on the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of electrolysis.

Don’t most reputable electrologists belong to a professional organization with standards and a published policies on such?

I was hoping this website would be helpful. When I click on the main site articles, it just brings me back here to the forum.


This forum is incredibly useful if you can be bothered to read through the threads.

There is no definitive source because there is no definitive answer. All the types of electrolysis work to give permanent hair removal but how this is achieved and whether or not it works, depends on the skill of the electrologist.

So let’s say we compare two equally skilled electrologists in their own modalities, one doing multi needle galvanic and the other doing flash thermolysis using a high tech epilator. There really is no difference except speed; the latter will be a LOT faster in removing hairs.

To quote Josefa:
“This is like endeavour to ride in a chariot drawn by horses on a highway that allows you to travel at 120 Km / hour, hindering the movement of other drivers.”

Both methods get you to your destination, one will just take a lot longer.

The thermolysis that your electrologist may be offering may be the basic type, which is (in my mind) incomparable to the thermolysis of high-tech epilators.

Hmmm…perhaps the literal meaning of electrolysis has been confused with “electrolysis is the gold standard”??? Technically, electrolysis is galvanic current, but “electrolysis” has been used as the word for needle-type hair removal. (electrolysis, thermolysis and blend…or galvanic, D.C., high frequency, flash, sequential, etc., etc., etc.)

Curious as to where this is located…

I used to offer multiple needle galvanic treatment prior to acquiring an apilus platinum high tech epilater. It was very effective and I mainly used it for treating very strong hair types. However it is now redundant. My new equipment offers my clients almost painless treatment,virtually no skin reaction and gets the job done more time and cost effectively. Try it, and compare for yourself.

Curious as to where this is located…

I think I’ve seen it!!! The woman is a total crackpot if it’s the one I’m thinking of.

I would like to ditto what Christine said so well.

If the person in your area only performs multi-probe galvanic electrolysis and performs it well, you will have no worries. It is slow, but deadly electrolysis modality.

I don’t know of any crackpots that perform multi-probe electrolysis. :crazy:

I do appreciate the feedback. I have tried so far one thermolysis appointment to see how it compares.

The pain is much worse, but the price is better :frowning:

The multi-needle galvanic is almost twice the price per session…

Pricing is all over the board around here…

Thanks, BFG

Would you mind disclosing where you live? I am looking for a good electrologist who does galvanic in NYC?

Check out this business. I THINK she does multi probe galvanic.