Transformation's products

Hi, I have been looking at your tremendous site and also at different topics in this forum. Maybe I didn’t see it, but I didn’t find anything about the products like Hair Retardant Creams of Transformation, a firm specializing in products for transsexuals and crossdressers… Reading your general comments, I suppose you also say that their products are worthless, or aren’t day?


The products by Albany Gender Clinic or any of the other British scum like Crissy Wild running crossdresser sites should be avoided. They are worthless and overpriced, and if they lived in the US, I’d be doing everything I could to throw their filthy gouging asses in jail.

You can read more about these disreputable companies in the Transgendered/Transsexual section of the forums.

Thanks Andrea,

so indeed you’re quite critical! But I also referred to similar products in the USA, which have big advertisings in the crossdressers and transsexual magazine with the equal name Transformation.
quite strange in this respect is that especially this magazine in a recent article referred quite positively to this Hairtell website. so I am quite confused! is there a difference between both ‘Transformation’ hair products in the US and the UK? :confused:

I am not familiar with the magazine you mention. Usually, the magazines themselves aren’t the problems, but the products they sell.

If you have a physical address or name of a hair removal product you’d like me to investigate, I can tell you more.

Generally speaking, any feminizing product that is not available by prescription should be avoided. That includes topical “hair retardant” creams and herbal pills, etc. Anyone serious about a safe, effective, and cheap transition doesn’t waste their time with that nonsense.