Transdermal electrolysis

I am travelling to Australia for 4 weeks Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney and I desperately need to find a therapist for Transdermal electrolysis in all 3 areas, or at least two of them. Can you please help me by giving names and phone numbers of therapists and/or salons Thank you in anticipation. Angela

Are you seeking so called transdermal work because you like that type of temporary hair removal, or have you been scammed into believing that this con actually provides permanent hair removal?

use the search feature and check out what this site has to teach you about the so-called transdermal method. You may also go to our sister site

That was very interesting information about electrolysis. I have beeen having it regularly for 5 years and have had different kinds of electrolysis over the years and for the past few have had it with pads. My hair growth has reduced dramatically, the texture, colour and amount of hair have all reduced - so if its not the electrolysis then I’m not sure what it is?!?!

Because “Transdermal” is not actually electrolysis, but a more comfortable plucking, you wuld not know that it did not work unless you stopped all hair removal and just let it all go for 12 weeks.

Of course, unless you had a medical problem causing the body to create new hair growing follicles, there is no one part of a woman’s body that should not be finished in 5 years worth of work. Most people get full finished permanence in 9 to 24 months on stable hair growth areas.