Transdermal electrolysis???

Do they work better than regular electrolysis or do they even work at all? I was thinking about buying the Aavexx 300 machine. Any feedback?

I think that is a scam. Anybody knows for sure?

Whats the best machine to buy for home use then. I have a little money to spend!

Ive been interested for a while in the Elysee EasyTweeze, but they say its a scam on here:
but it seems to be getting mixed up with another of their products (e-pen) (or is this another name for the same thing).
I was fairly suspicious of it when i read that it “neutralises the hair with harmless electrical energy” or some such nonsense, then i finally managed to find something on it, in which its supposed to do the same as normal electrolysis (convert salt water to sodium hydroxide), just without the penetration.

Is there any reason that this would NOT work? it seems fairly feasible to me.

Has anyone tried it?

HairyMonkey, Aavexx is a scam.

Zarny, E-Pen is a scam.

Zarny, EasyTweeze is also a scam.

All of the above devices do not have a metal probe that’s inserted into the follicle. This is necessary to deliver enough current to the hair growth matrix to cause permanent hair removal. The methods that use tweezers and patches cannot deliver enough energy into the skin-- it dissipates rather than travel down the hair as they often claim. Hair is a very poor conductor of electricity.

The only unit that can achieve permanent hair removal that is widely available is the One Touch for $30 at many drugstores and beauty supply places.

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