Transcutaneous Electrolysis sucks

Hey TS folks!:)I have been checking Andrea’s sites for a while and want to say Thanks to her simply because she is the one out there who tells people truth about hair removal!I started off with this “fascinating journey” called hair removal a year ago.I started as a complete “dummy” who knew nothing about hair and what makes it grow.While doing online research I ran into “Kalo”…and those scammers got some of my money.For some of you who still don’t know what hair inhibitors are…never even think about using that stuff.Same with Transcutaneous or “patch” electrolisys, (although I made it work using my own method). I was “lucky” enough to get Super Phaser Gold made by another crooks one day.If you follow their instructions you will get nothing because it simply cannot affect hair follicle in neither way.But I really liked the idea of no-needle electrolysis and after months of deep research and contemplating I invented and implied my own method which I intend to patent because it works on body hair.I see less changes on facial hair so far but since June I have about 35-50% of hair reduction on treated areas(not on the face).60-70% of the remaining hairs are now thin and light as opposed to thick and coarse they were at the beginning.But Still -this is my method, and DO NOT PAY TO ANYONE WHO OFFERS YOU ANY No-NEEDLE ELECTROLYSIS HAIR REMOVAL!
I only use my method on myself and I don’t have lots of body or facial hair, but the hair I had to begin with was very dark and coarse.As per my facial hair which is now much thinner and slowly-growing , I want to try laser and this board gave me lots of valuable info.Once again, Transdermal,patch or whatever they call it -does not work !Save your money for needle or laser.

Sorry you got ripped off by the patch scam, but thanks so much for warning others!

Where did you purchase the Super Phaser Gold device/treatments? I try to keep a list of all those people to avoid.

It’s been almost a year since your intial post. Can you tell us any more about how your own “invention” is going? Did the hair you removed stay removed? Can you tell us any more about how you modified the equipment to actually work for you? Thanks for any additional info! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />