Trade group SCME now SCMHR


The electrology trade group the Society for Clinical and Medical Electrologists (SCME) has changed its name to the Society of Clinical and Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR).

SCMHR President Lisia Cooley-Walch has been heavily involved in the sale and use of lasers by electrologists. Board members Diane and Wally Roberts have been pushing hard to make lasers available to non-medical personnel through collaboration with laser manufacturers. They also stand to gain by setting up their Florida training facility as a place to train non-medical personnel in the use of lasers.

Their current President’s message states:

One of the most important choices that we are facing in our organization’s future direction is to expand our membership to include a wide variety of hair removal specialists, in addition to electrologists. There are many benefits to including a diversified group of people in our organization, including the increased knowledge of and choices in hair removal methods, as well as strengthening the base of our organization. I feel strongly that we should welcome the new methods and technology and those who choose to offer them to their clientele. As a result of our vision of expansion and inclusiveness, we are exploring the need to change the name of our organization. We will be asking for your help in choosing an organizational name that better reflects a broader membership.

SCMHR’s March convention included a round table discussion at which Mark Chandler was asked to participate. Dr. Chandler is involved with Rejuvenu and International Hair Removal Systems, makers of several devices making unsubstantiated claims of permanent hair removal. Dr. Chandler’s company has been notified by FDA that these claims are in violation of federal regulations, but they continue to make these claims.

SCMHR’s affiliation with Dr. Mark Chandler of Rejuvenu suggests they are planning to embrace quack technology like electric tweezers and transcutaneous patch hair removal, putting their profits before the consumer’s best interests.

I’ve been critical of SCME’s tactics for many years, since they attacked a fellow consumer advocate who raised concerns about their involvement with lasers. I’ll be keeping a close eye on SCMHR and will let you know what I find out!