Totally desperate!

I’m here looking for help. I’m tired of seeing my legs and some other parts of my body full of hair. I tried electrolysis once but I think that by the time they finished getting rid of my hair I’ll be broke. So, I’m buying the electrolysis machine and at least try to do it myself. the thing is I do not know anything about electrolysis. All I can afford to spend on the machine is about $2000. But can anybody help and tell me where I can start? any book recommendation? any machine in particular? am I be able to do it myself? PLEASE help! I’m totally desperate. Another thing why electrolysis instead or laser? Any comments will be appreciated.


I feel that our situations have alot in common, I’ve been looking over this forum for awhile now, but haven’t really had the gusto to register and start posting… well here goes:

Like you I was totally desperate untill I discovered a really great clinic in the DC area, you really have to shop around.

I had to go through 5+ clinics before I found one really noteworthy, and I’ve actually made alot of friends there who helped me out alot.

You just got to bite the bullet and go for it, laser hair removal really does work.

I used a clinic that had “ALASE” as a treatment option, and that was the best one I found. Don’t accept anything less than official ALASE, everything else I tried was pretty much bunk.

Good Luck!

My laser hair removal experiences…


I forgot to mention this in my original reply to your post, sorry about the double posting, but I actually got a great discount by just sitting down and talking in a very heart-to-heart way with my doctor.

I explained my circumstances, told him that I couldn’t afford more than $1000 max for all the treatments I would undergo at his office, but that I would generate alot of business for him through referals if he could take on my case.

I also offered to provide my before and after pictures to him for advertising in anyway possible, and to basically ‘plug’ his business however I could - promising him multiple referals if he did whatever he could to help.

He was very sympathetic and understanding. He turned out to be a really fantastic guy and we contact each other via e-mail to this day just to chat about life in general. Overall a really great guy.

I don’t want to mention him in this post though, it seems like it would just be misconstrued as spam or something and god knows theres enough of that on the internet already.

Anyway, try the heart-to-heart talk with what you feel is a good laser hair removal clinic and see how it goes. Worst thing that can happen is that they’ll say ‘no,’ but thats probably unlikely if you express yourself properly.

I would also like to appluade all the open minded doctors out there that are more interested in helping real people then making a fast buck.

Good luck!


my laser hair removal experience

Gary this is the professional electolysis forum so your advice is confused.

To totally desparate. Electrolysis is 40 to100 per hour depending on geography.

also do you want to wear long pants all your life? If you do self electrolysis you will really want to hid those legs at least now you can shave.

I have seen desparate self mutilating scars from people like you. for $2000 most likely not a good epilator you could have a lot of treatments from a trained professional.

Working on your legs is really difficult!!
I’m right handed and I did ok on my left leg about 50% of it. The right leg is mission impossible. I’m going to school to become an electrologist and I’m working on myself otherwise I wouldn’t recomend it. You have to slump over and get into some preety funky positions. $2000.00 should get you a long way!!!
Good Luck.

$2,000 could by a GREAT epilator on the used market, probably very little use as well. One just has to know where to look, and who to contact to find them.