toronto referral

I’m looking for an electrologist in the Toronto area. I’ve actually had two sessions already. One at the Bay Street Clinic and one at HairEnder(Dundas and Royal York location). I don’t think the lady at the Bay Street clinic is certified but there was little redness after a 10 minute treatment(side of face,hair never removed before), a tiny bit of redness but no swelling, scabbing. At HairEnder, two of them are certified but I don’t think the one that worked on me was(no visible certificate). After a 30 minute session with her on my chin(tweezed and waxed previously), I had lots of redness and swelling, some scabbing, and two days later, you can still see where she inserted the needle in the follicle. I figured that since HairEnder uses a microscope and an apilus machine that they would be perfect but I’m afraid to go back there. The lady at the Bay Street Clinic uses just a magnifying glass and not sure what kind of machine. I was thinking of going back to the Bay Street Clinic just because she’s older and has been doing this since '89. The woman at HairEnder was a lot younger and so I don’t think she has as much experience. IF ANYONE KNOWS A GOOD ELECTROLOGIST IN TORONTO, PLEASE TELL ME. I’m desperate.

I know someone who once worked in that area. I will see if she will accept any new clients, but if she won’t, I will see if she can give any names.

Yes, you would think that someone with the best equipment would take the time to learn to use it well, but that is why we say that there is nothing that will guarantee that this practitioner is good without having treatment done by that person.

Thanks James. I appreciate your help.