toronto clinics

is there anyone out there that has undergone treatment in toronto, canada?

I am having my Epilight treatments done at Advanced Laser & Cosmetic Centre which is part of a plastic surgeons office @ 120 Spadina (416) 966-3223. I’m also doing some research about switching to Lightsheer and if I do switch I will be having the treatments done at another cosmetic surgeons office @Spadmedica on Avenue Rd.

thanks ht,
i’ve heard of advanced, they use the epilight, right?
how many sessions have you done with them? are you happy? what are the prices like?
i’m interested in having my legs done.
i’ve got a consultation/test patch booked for tomorrow at rivlin medical laser center on finch and young (close to home). they use lightsheer. i’ll let you know how it goes. i’ve called around to a few other places. have you heard of lasercom clinics international? they have many locations around the city. and they use a few different kinds (lightsheer, coolglide, ruby).
good luck!

I have not been pleased with the Epilight. I’ve had four treatments (underarm & bikini) and in my opinion I feel that the amount of hair reduction vs the cost is not worth it. Spamedica uses Lightsheer. It does cost more money than Epilight but I am thinking about trying it. There is another company (I think Advanced) that I researched on the internet that said they have a sale on now for 50% off. However, their regular prices as quoted on their website are more expensive than Spamedica. I’m also concerned about going to a place that is not run out of a doctor’s office. Let me know how your appointment went. I live in Thornhill so Finch & Yonge is very close to me too.

ok. so after a week of delays i finally went to have the consultation at rivlin (finch and yonge). i opened the door and the security alarm went off. nobody was there. aparantly the doctor had an appointment earlier that morning and forgot to lock the door after he left, although he did put on the alarm. so i waited for a while until the lady, didi, came. she didn’t know that dr. rivlin booked a consultation for 10am (usually they open at 11…). she seemed nice but when i asked for a test patch, she said they cost $60, and that 60 is then taken off your frist payment. i am not entrusting my skin to a doctor that forgets to lock the door, and i’m not paying $60 for a test patch by an idiot.
so that was my disappointing first brush with laser. i’m gonna keep looking for clinics in toronto, but now that i’ve actually gone, i’m starting to worry about long terms affects (i.e. cancer). a family member was recently diagnosed with it, with no relation to laser at all, but i’m still a bit worried. i’m young. and a bit scared. what do you think?

Hi, I’ve been going to a place called OMI on yonge and sheppard, I’ve done my whole session of laser and after two years it looks like it has gotten rid of about 50% of my hair :frowning: I was expecting alot more. I did my upper back and shoulders. I’m now going to start my electrolosis next week, or I might consider switching to Yonge Eglinton Laser, anyone have experience with them?? I’m going on vacation in feb so I hope most of the hair will be gone.

hi tm,
that’s a drag. only 1/2 the hair gone.
after much contemplation and some research i’ve decided to hold off on laser for the next few years, and electolysize my legs instead. i’ve been going to a wonderful electrologist for a few years already (for other body/face hair) and i’m really happy. and i’m just not sure about long-term affects of laser on skin. so i’m playing it safe.
if you’re interested, the electrologists i go to are “hairender” and they’re at bathurst and sheppard. they’re really professional, with good equipment. if you want more info on them, you feel free to contact me.
good luck!! :smile:

Hey… i’m glad i found this post… im’ also in toronto and i’ve been going to laser stop on lesley (north of sheppard) since last may… so far i’ve had 6 treatments and i’ev been having awsome results… they use the lyra laser… which i think is a yag… but anyways i’ve gotten my underarms and bikini done and after 6 treatments there is hardly any hair… if you geta pakcage you get 3 free treatments so i have 3 more to go but in all honestly i’d be happy w/ the way it is now… i’m italian so my skin is a bit tanned and my hair is dark so whenever i’d shave undermy arms it was always dark and it looked like i havent’… so sicne i’ve started this it’s been so good… some hair still grows back but it’s blonde and you can’t even see it… so i never have to shave… i’m thinking of getting my legs done too… but i’ve seen some of those horor pics off this bulletin board so now i’m counting my lucky stars that i haven’t had any problems… when i started treatments last may i couldnt’ find any forums like this