topicals for sensitive skin to avoid damage

I have been to 3 electrolysis appts, and am seeing some results, however, I am left each time with red bumps, and some small pitting which seem to take forever to clear up (usually still there by the next weekly appt)- I do have very sensitive skin, and think this could be the reason, using Dial soap, zinc ointment, and aloe afterwards for a few days to keep it clean, and heal as well as possible, but, I still get the bumps and little divits in the skin - does anyone have any good remedies that will help me? My electrologist says it is temporary, and will go away at some point, but, hasnt been able to offer up any remedies that may help me speed this recovery time. Have a 1:00 appt today, and have expressed my thoughts to my electrologist, who said she will use a lower heat (less effective though). This only happens on my chin, where the coursest hairs are, no damage at all on my upper lip

Hello Tracey.

Yes, it is a good strategy to lower the heat for your chin area, however, she must increase the time spent in each follicle, as I’m sure she knows. Doing this IS just as effective as what she was doing before, it will just be a little slower going. But heck, who cares if it is better for your sensitive skin. Make sure she isn’t just tweezing when she lowers the heat. The statement you made is not true that lowering the heat makes electrolysis less effective. You just need to add more time to balance the loss of heat.

By decreasing the heat and increasing the timing, a wider pattern of tissue destruction will be created, which is good for these coarse, thick, deep chin hairs. The trick is to balance the heat intensity with the time, so the hair releases properly, without disturbing the upper layer of skin. Using an insulated probe may help, too. If she can get the right recipe for heat and time, you can possible avoid those little red bumps. As for the divets you described, what you are seeing most likely is a hole where a huge hair once occupied space. It will heal just fine. Keep it clean and give it time.

Dial soap is okay, but Cetaphil would be gentler to your skin. Aloe Vera 100% gel is all you need during the day and tea tree oil applied at bedtime would help the healing in many ways. I would put away the zinc oxide and just use the aloe and tea tree for a couple days.

These skin manifestations you described are temporary like your practioner said, but if she can refine the heat and timing recipe for your chin skin, you may not have to have bumps on your face for over a week.

Just curious, does she do blend or thermolysis on your chin?


Where do I get Aloe Vera 100% gel?
I searched in some stores but all I could find is just some gel with “Aloe Vera Extract” or “Aloe Barbadensis” with lots of other Ingredents (like: Aqua, Glycerin, Alcohol, Lactic Acid etc, which make it only worser isnt it?) but it never says “100% PURE Aloe Vera”.
Maybe I should just buy an Aloe Vera drink? Buying the real Aloe Vera plant seems to be the best option, but I prefer to use a gel from a bottle - it is simpler to me.
So, what is the name of this 100% Aloe Vera gel? What supposed to be written in the ingredents?? Only 100% Aloe Vera or is it ok when some other ingridents mixed with it (Aqua, Glycerin, Alcohol, Lactic Acid…) ?

Thanks so much Dee for your insight - I did go for my treatment, and she did lower the heat, and up’ed the time - will let you know how it went in a couple days. She does use the thermo. Ive never used Cetaphil, will give it a try, also havent tried the tea tree - off to the drug store I go! I have tried the “tend skin” - that is much to drying for me - does anyone have any thoughts on that? Does it really work for them? My biggest problem with all this is I really like my electologist, I dont want to change, but, I also do not want her “blowing smoke” - just saying that this is temporary scarring and will go away, when in reality it wont. Your words have assured me to give her the benefit of what she says IS correct.
As far as where I found aloe, I got it in Aruba, but, they have a website, you can try there for 100% (not sure if there are shipping issues overseas though)- or the vitamin shoppes sell 100% (as much as they can sell it at 100% - need to include “natural” preservatives according to the statements) as well - if you dont have one in your area, they also have a website - I never thought it would be that hard to find, until I had to look for it.
Does anyone have any thoughts on using a hot tub after treatment? I dont intend to soak my treated area, but, a little concerned about the steam - good or bad?

Under no circumstance should you soak a treated area in a hot tube. You would be leaving yourself open to so many kinds of infections. It is even possible to get some hard to explain things by allowing direct access to your blood supply via compromised broken skin in your electrolysis treated areas should they be soaked in a communal hot tub.

You also want to keep sweating to a minimum after treatment (24 hours should be enough) because the salt in your sweat can cause unneeded pigmentation and scabbing.

Just try to keep it clean and dry for at least 24 hours, and take care of it for 72 hours as best you can.