topical anesthetics

Anyone know of any topical anesthetics that DON’T require an occlusion? I’m currently using EMLA but I despise having to cover it with saran wrap AND on top of that, it doesn’t even work that well for me. It works for the first 10 minutes or so and then it totally wears off. If anyone knows of any clear gel that doesn’t require occlusion, please let me know. And, if it can be applied less than an hour before treatment that’s an added bonus.


LMX is a lidocaine preperation that does not require occlusion, but it is also not clear. LMX requires application about 45 minutes prior to treatment for best results.


You may also want to check out Maxilene.

I still use the Emla, but hate the Hannibal Lecter look
as I sit in my car with the Saran Wrap on. I think I totally traumatized one child who looked in my car.

My dentist said they get some patients who have had needles there and then went for electrolysis.

I agree that the effect of Emla does not last that long, especially in my 2 hour sessions.

I tried a specially compounded cream which was much stronger than Emla, but did not work very well at all.
I think absorption into the skin was the problem.


Everyone is different.

Some people get better results with LMX-4, or LMX-5 than they do with EMLA. Others get better results with the compounded cream listed in the pain managemeent pages on

All pain management is easier with up to date equipment and techniques, performed by a skilled practitioner.