Top ten products to avoid

Below is the HairTell Ten, the worst companies in the hair removal industry today.

  1. IGIA/Tactica International
  2. Global Electrolysis Supply
  3. ePen
  4. Finally Free/
  5. Epila “laser”
  6. Epil-Stop
  7. Ultra Hair Away
  8. Kalo
  9. Rejuvenu
  10. Vector

All products sold by these companies should be avoided by consumers. They all make unproven claims about safety or effectiveness.

what about NO NO HAIR REMOVAL does that work

Wow my Mother prevented me from using the Epil-stop that she bought for me.

You mean your mom was willing to have you throw it away, rather than risk a trip to the emergency room when you got a chemical burn? :wink:

Oh, and we don’t recommend the No-No either.