Too Much Too Fast ?

Hello, great forum ! After doing research i decided on laser hair removal after years of pondering what am i going to do with all this unwanted hair. I chose a well know physician/dertamoligist in New york city who uses both the Lightsheer and Lyra.He told me the Lightsheer would be best for me. Im in my mid 20’s with light skin(burns more then tans) and dark brown rather coarse hair.
Area’s treated 6days ago
Chest, Abdomen, Shoulders, Buttox, Back(not as hairy), BackNeck, Underarms all in 1 treatment.
2 Lightsheer machines were used at 1 time by the Physician and the Nurse and took approximately 1 hour and a 1/2(give or take 10 minutes). I had alot of work done in what i thought was too short of a time. I was expecting to be there for around 3 hrs.Now i know 2 machines were used but still i felt like…spots were missed ? Just to get it over with ? Did i get my moneys worth? and every spot of each area was not treated by the laser?. Am i wrong? maybe i am ! Thats why im writing to you. Can someone who is doing large areas using a Lightsheer laser tell me how long it takes for their treatments ? …And i know its only been 6 days since treatment but i thought more hair would be shedding by this point. Very few hairs have “ejected” from my body. Im propably jumping the gun and have to wait a little longer,but how long does it Usually take for hairs to start shedding ? I would appreciate someone answering these questions for me. Thank you.

I wish I could have been treated with two Lightsheers at the same time. 1.5 hours for all of those areas does seem a little bit fast, but not too far out of line. I would have guessed with tow machines they could do the chest and back in that amount of time.

It takes my technician about 1 hour to do my chest or back and she is very experienced. I haven’t had my butt done so I don’t know how long that should take. I didn’t realize how many people get their butts done. Maybe I should consider that too.

With diode lasers, for some reason it is normal for the hair to take longer to fall out. It could take 2 or 3 weeks even longer. I believe it is because the hair gets singed deeper down so it is kind of stuck there for a little bit longer.

A question for you? Did they use compression on all of the areas they treated? It makes the treatments more efficient and reduces post reatment pain.


Thanks RJC for the feedback. You said Compression…compression meaning ?

Is there anyway that you personally can see to it that every spot is ZAPPED by the laser or is that just a Trust that you have in your Doctor/Nurse or whoever is doing the procedure ?

Hello peter,

Its been 2 months that i had my 8th back treatment using the gentlelase at the highest settings 15m-30j. My tech uses a red felt pen and makes lines all over my back so she will get almost all the hairs, i would say she gets 97-98% of the hairs every treatment , she has 25 yrs in the hair removal business,C.P.E, C.C.E, C.M.E and she is the C.E.O and her prices are very expenses. My progress on my back is very slow, i have type 2 skin, dark hair. It looks like it will take about 12-15 treatments to get enough reduction to be happy ( I HOPE ). Good thing i hit a keno ticket in LAS VEGAS a couple years ago , other wise i could not afford these high prices people charge for laser. Anyway if i were you i would get a touch-up 3-4 weeks after your treatments they should be free for missed hair.

Compression is where the technician presses down firmly with the handpiece. It causes the base of the hair follicle to rotate closer to the surface and temporarily forces blood out of the blood vessel so the hemoglobin doesn’t absorb the laser pulse. The result is the Lightsheer gets a cleaner shot at the base of the hair follicle. The integrated cooling system works better also and there is less post treatment redness and pain.


Hey there…

I had the same exact concerns that you are experiencing. I just had my first treatment on my shoulders, back and upper arms two days ago. I was surprised at how fast my session went as well. I had one nurse working on me, we were doing a lot of chatting (that’s what I tend to do when I get nervous), and before I knew it, she was done after an hour and a half. That time even included doing a few test patches. I could have sworn that she missed some areas. But she assured that she didn’t.

Then…I was expecting all these hairs to be falling out these past few days. As far as I can tell, there hasn’t been too much. I have been worrying today that maybe it is a crock. Maybe the nurses and the facility are going to turn around and tell me that they think I am one of those anomolies…that I am one of those mysterious cases.

So keep me up to date and let me know how you are progressing. By the way, did it hurt having it done on your butt? I am interested in getting that area treated eventually.

Talk to you later.

Waiting for the hairs to shed is always tormenting. On the first treatment, it seems like nothing actually happened. After my laser treatments, there was no shedding until at least 10 days after treatment. Then they came out pretty fast over the next several days to my great relief.

The time period sounds reasonable. Being human, they will most likely miss some. Expect 5 or more treatments before you’re done and this will help ensure that you’ve covered all the areas.