too much facial hair


I am in my early 20’s and I have black hairs all the way up to my eyes and nose. The ones very close to my nose and eyes are not visible to the human eye unless very closely inspected. My problem is that I am scared that if I start shaving too close to my nose and eyes that these minute hairs will grow. At the moment I have a beard to avoid such a scenario. I have 2 questions: 1) If I shave these very small hairs will they grow back longer 2) is electrolysis more effective (will I need fewer sessions) on peach fuzz (which at the moment is the barrier between my beard and the minute hair).

May be some of the experts have answers (James, Dee, others)


I apologize for not being able to answer your questions sooner, dan81.

The question of does shaving cause hair to grow faster, coarser, darker is still asked repeatedly. The short answer is a resounding, “NO!!!”.

The hair that you cut off above the skin is dead. Only the follicle below the skin is alive. Since you are not disturbing the follicle, you cannot affect hair growth.

Many studies have been repeated over this last century that have all come to same conclusion : there is absolutely no increase in the diameter or color of the hairs before or after shaving. Period.

The follicles must be stimulated to cause an increase in hair growth. Even if you shaved two times a day with the strength and vigor of an ox, you could not affect the growing follicle below the skin. If you see an increase in the amount of hair growth from these small dark hairs on your face, blame it on an increased hormonal influence which would have happened whether you shaved or not.

If your thinking is these hairs may change in the future, you can proceed with electrolysis to remove them now while they are smaller and less deep. Less energy is required to destroy them at this stage which is easier on your skin. Just remember to be patient and consistent until the goal is reached as electrolysis requires at least 9+ months in most cases so you can get through those hair growth cycles.


I used thermolysis to treat a young man with hairs similar to what you described. The hairs were very, very tiny and quite black in color. I was quite surprised to find that the hairs just lifted out without any electrolysis. I gave them all flash thermolysis that cleared the area above the beard and below the eye socket.

dan81 I am sorry im so late - but I MUST SAY: My expierience - shaving does make it grow thicker and darker - at your age I did the same mistake! Now I do electrolysis! Wihout big success for now. Just leave the hair as it is and if it so bothers you - go to electrologist BEFORE you shave it. About tweezing it - dont even think to do it because it definetly will make it to grow more.
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No Fate, you are sadly mistaken about the effects of shaving on hair growth. There are hair removal literature reviews that have proved over and over again in the last century that shaving DOES NOT CAUSE HAIR TO GROW FASTER, COARSER AND DARKER.

A few sources:

  1. Anatomical Record, Trotter, M., December, 1928, 37:373-379

This is a classic paper proving that shaving does not effect hair growth.

  1. Human Hair Cycle, (comments regarding shaving)
    J.I.D., Saitoh, M., Uzuka, M. and Sakamoto, M., 1970, 54:65-81

Their work confirms the studies of Dr. Mildred Trotter: shaving does not affect hair growth.

If you had increased hair growth after shaving, No Fate, it wasn’t due to the act of shaving, it was the coincidental result of male hormones targeting and stimulating NEW hair follicles.

If we’re going to be accurate here, then we need to back up comments with scientific facts. It’s hard to poo-poo well-researched scientific data. Scaring someone away from doing something that will bring much needed temporary relief is not helpful. Do your own careful research and I’m sure you will stumble onto information that doctors and electrologists already know as fact: Shaving does not affect hair growth, hair thickness, or hair color.

“Scaring someone away from doing something that will bring much needed temporary relief is not helpful” - so that what is all the point? I am saying my expirience - i did write it that it is MY EXPIERIENCE. It is in no way intended to scare people, but only so they will be aware what it was to me and to many more people . And those studies maybe did not include people as we.

There is no scientific proof that electrology can grow hair or make the same hair follicle grow a thicker hair. Otherwise I would be in the hair growing business.

On the other hand laser has been know to grow hair and today there are several companies selling hair growth lasers.

Your face should look good within 3 to 5 hours of short wave electrolysis treatment. If you find the right practitioner? Please read very carefully the site: and it will help you find a proficient electrologist. Good luck, Fino