To the professionals - how does multineedle galvanic work

Hi guys,

I was wondering exactly how the multi needle galvanic needles stay in place and will they stay in if i sit upright and put the needles in. any experiences is great much appreciated


Multi-needle units will stay in the follicle due to the crowding that is experienced by having something that is not supposed to be in the follicle being pushed in there. They will not however sit still if the person is moving around. This is a much less effective form for the Do-It-Yourselfer. If that is your goal, please consider our standard advise, Get a Partner and Do-Each-Other instead.

thanks james for the fast reply

i have been doing the normal one needle galvanic to myself for a while im getting quite good with placement but its just too slow for the amount of hair that i have. getting someone else to do it unfortunately isnt feasible at this time. When you say its a less effective form for a do it yourselver is that because the needles are harder to put into the follicle since they are bigger?

Thanks for your help

As a matter of fact, they are actually smaller. The holders are also smaller and one has less needle holder to grasp when using a multi-needle unit.

Since it is more delicate, it takes longer. Professionals using these take longer, how much do you think it would slow you down?

Then you have the problem of movement shaking the probes out of their follicles due to movement inherent in Self-Elecrology.

Good Luck