To Redhead

Hi Redhead,

I saw a few posts from you that say you do not recommend laser for “large areas”.

May I ask why? You didn’t explain and I am curious. And what do you consider a large area?

I made a post a few weeks back that no one responded to, so I’m hoping you may be able to provide me with some advice.

I have an appt this Tuesday to get my back lasered. I am female, and I don’t have a really hairy man’s back, but just a fine trail of hair down my back that I think is really gross! I don’t know if fine hair can be successfully lasered or not, but I’m willing to give it a try! If you know of anyone with experience lasering fine hair, please share.

I see blonde girls that sometimes have as much as more hair than me on their backs, but it isn’t noticeable because they are blonde! Unfortunately for me it stands out because I am so pale white with dark hair.

I’m really hoping that the back treatment is not a waste. I have had one other laser on my underarms and I’m surprised at what a huge difference I see after only one treatment. It’s only been 4 weeks but I don’t think I’m going to need more than 2 or 3 more treatments on my underarms at this rate~!

I’m guessing that the back is considered a “large area” and I’m now worried as to why you feel it’s not a good idea to get lasered. Any info you can share would be much appreciated.

Hi Marie: Just to put my 2 cents in, there is no reason not to treat a large area with laser, it’s much faster than electrolysis. My concern is with the type of hair you are getting treated, which sounds like fine, vellus hair, although dark. This hair does not respond as well with laser as thick, dark hair. I have treated many clients with this problem, and the most I can promise is a 50% reduction in this hair. This may be sufficient for you, but I have always counseled my clients to have realistic expectations in regards to this. The remaining hair might (MIGHT!) be finer and a little lighter in color, and this is after 5 treatments. We do not recommend anything under 5 treatments for any area of the body. The reduction you get per treatment is not consistent, because you are dealing with growth cycles, and THESE are not consistent. So after your next underarm treatment do not be surprised if you see very little reduction, if any. You have not yet entered the active growth phase, so wait 2 weeks and see what you’ve got. I hope this information helps. Take care, and keep us posted. :wink:

You must have misread what I said, because it is in fact the oposite of my opinion! I believe that if you are a good candidate for Laser then it is the obvious choice for large areas, and that Electrolysis presents major problems for large areas with lots of hair. In other words, I think you are making a wise decision assuming you did your homework and have found a good practitioner, and have realistic expectations of what Laser can accomplish. Hopefully you will respond well, and you will be very happy. Keep the Forum posted as to your progress! One last thing, it is also my opinion and that of RJC2001’s that the Aurora is best for finer hairs, and you should consider it as an option if the Laser does not work as well on your back as under your arms. You have seen what a successful treatment under your arms looks like, so you should be able to determine how the back compares.

Thank you hairfetish. When I asked the receptionist at the laser place I am going to if the laser will work as well on fine hair as it does on coarser hair, she just said “uuuhh yeah… as long as it’s dark.” Not too convincing!

But this is something that has bothered me my entire life so I am willing to try it. I am aware I may not get 100% removal, but I would be happy with even a reduction!

Are you a laser technician? How many years have you been doing this for? Do you see alot of positive results from this? Thank you for your advice.

Redhead thanks for the response! I didn’t realize I had misread your posts but thank you for clarifying…

I already joined my laser place’s “discount club” (had to pay an upfront fee) but it reduces the fees on everything they offer to about what other places are offering, except that with them I get a “shave-free guarantee” which gives me lifetime treatments at half price after paying for 6 treatments, if the hair isn’t resolved to my liking by 6 treatments. So I’m kinda stuck there for awhile before trying another laser, but I will definitely do that if this doesn’t work for me.

Thanks to you and hairfetish I no longer feel worried about getting my back done!

Ok well I got my back lasered yesterday. No real update since again I was told I’d have to wait 2 weeks to really see any difference.

When I asked the nurse/technician if laser works on fine hairs she said yes and she would just adjust her machine to “fine hair settings.”

When she left the room so I could change, I saw her schedule for the day, 3 backs - all men! I was the only girl, so kinda embarrassing. Lots of face lasering, and one underarm/bikini.

I really like my technician, she is very friendly and down to earth and just acts like this is all so everyday, no big deal. She takes her time and doesn’t rush. But still I was embarrassed when she asked “So who shaved your back?” I told her I just used some cream! And she says “I wish my male patients would do that! They come in here with missed spots, huge patches of hair all over, I have to shave them!”

Anyways it didn’t hurt AT ALL, and I didn’t use any numbing cream. Hopefully in 2 weeks I can report a positive result. I go back in 2 weeks for my second underarm treatment and first bikini!