to pop or not to pop


after removin the hair, there’s sometimes a blister type of thing. where the small hole fills up with water or whatever it is. is it ok to pop these or no?


Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that blistering must be a sign that you are burning your skin. You shouldn’t see blisters with proper placement. I would not continue with your current method if you are blistering…and I wouldn’t pop them, either - you will be opening up the area to infection and potential further damage.


NO! Don’t pop! :fearful:

You can cause infection and scarring.

Best thing to do is clean before and after treatment with witch hazel, and if you get bumps, touch them with a Q-Tip soaked in Tend Skin.


ok thanks, i’m still waiting for follicaltitus, is that a true name for a follicul infection?


Close! There’s folliculitis, and there’s pseudofolliculitis, and if you have pseudofolliculitis on your face, it’s called pseudofolliculitis barbae. :fearful: