To Follizap

Here is a drawing of Martha (my daughter). This is one of the positions in which the client works with the electrologist. It’s a bird’s eye perspective. As soon as I can, I will put a different perspective.

Good Job Andrea, now it works!!!

Follizap, when we have to work on the lower left bikini line, is best done from the back, because the hairs grow up. Put your customer in this position and ask him or her to hold his/ her right buttock, this will leave the area accessible so you can work, he or she will be more comfortable and you can work faster.

Another position. The arrow indicates the positions that the electrologist can take to get a good overview of the area. She or he must be parallel to the arm as indicated by the direction of the arrow. A cushion can be placed under the shoulder for added customer convenience.

(Follizap, I am considering the position that you suggested in a private mail, but I can not guarantee the drawing has a lot of glamor. ;))

This zone coincides with the fold of the joint, therefore, work if the client remains in prone position, our work becomes more difficult. The advantage of this position is that the skin is very stretched promoting the quality of our insertions. Fatigue in the practitioner’s hands will be less as well. The client can remain in this position for several minutes.


To work on the inside of the leg that is farthest from us, we ask the client to superimpose one on another, as shown in the picture. It is also desirable that the client bend the knee of the leg that will not be treated to prevent numbness and cramps.