Tissue damage

Approx. 3 years ago I had one laser hair removal treatment to my entire bikini area. The doctor used a Candela laser, not sure what type or settings. My tissues were sort of pink and squishy right after treatment (but not burned), then they went completely FLAT. Prior to this, I had nice, rounded-out labia and liked the appearance of that part of my body. NOT ANYMORE, and the damage is permanent. I am going to end up paying a plastic surgeon $5000 to do a fat injection procedure, and this will probably have to be repeated more than once (and things still will never be normal again). I have not come across anything on the web about tissue deflation as a possible side effect, yet I am absolutely certain the laser treatment caused this. Has anyone else had, or heard of anyone else who has had, this problem?

i highly doubt that the laser, especially only one treatment, caused this. it doesn’t penetrate deep enough to do any damage to the fat layer. also, how closely were you examining this area every day before having this one laser treatment? a lot of people don’t notice that they start paying a LOT more attention to the areas where they’re getting treatments done than they ever did before. so it’s also possible that it looked the same before and you just began scrutinizing it more when thinking of getting laser done. another explanation could be just natural aging. how old are you?

I worked at the time as an exotic dancer, and was very sexually active and wore a lot of lingerie and such, so I actually scrutinized that part of my body quite regularly (my boyfriend did, too, for that matter!). This was a sudden, very dramatic change. Sudden deflation (after the pink and squishy-ness went away) is the best way I can describe it. It definitely was not in any way imaginary on my part, and no natural or age-related (I was 34 at the time of treatment, by the way) tissue thinning would have been that rapid. As unlikely as it may be the laser could have caused this, it is even more implausible that my labia tissue suddenly and spontaneously deflated for no reason at all, RIGHT AFTER HAVING A LASER TREATMENT. Perhaps this is just some rare, anomolous reaction that my body had, I don’t know. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Thank you.

I had some damage to my mustache skin, I had 7 treatments
and now have 9 spiderveins that make me look like
frankinstein.All the hair is still there.Looks like laser
is permanant after all…permanant skin damage.