Tips please!!

hi, my name is Nick and i’m (almost) 22 now.first i would like to congratulate you on the fine job you have done in this and many other sites.i have a few questions regarding hair removal,so if u could give me any help i would really appreciate it. before i begin, i would like to say that i am a mediterranean guy(so i’m pretty hairy),with dark coloured hair and very white skin.

a)my main problem is hair on my shoulders and upper back is pretty clean,with very few hair sporadically.however, i never had any hair in those areas,until i was about 19 or something.since then, i keep getting more and more. the thing is i have tried laser about 4-5 times on my chest(which is very hairy,however the hair are not wild or anything,just black and thin) and also 6-7 times on my shoulders. however, i have not seen any significant u think i should continue in the hope that it will make a difference?the thing that worries me is that based on my skin type and hair colour,i should have seen significant change.i mean is it possible to keep doing it and never see even the SLIGHTEST results?the thing is, i don’t mind having chest hair but i would like my shoulders and upper arms to be permanently hairless.
b)do u guys reccomend anything else?any other info on the subject would be great.thanx a lot.
c)any pain tips?i’ve tried emla but it doesnt work,everytime i do laser(or wax) the pain seems unbearable.

thanx again 4 all the help

If you have enough money that you can afford to loose that bet, then you can continue to try Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, but if you need to know that your money is well spent on results, go for electrolysis. You may have already reached what ever point of diminishing return on the L.A.S.E.R treatments anyway.