tips on needle size for Blend

I’m almost ready to start DIY learning process. I have a Hinkel UC3+ and texts. All I need is to stock up on correct needles and still figure out what to use for vision aid.

I want to stick with Ballet Gold but not sure what’s the minimum size to work with for blend? I’m familiar that with Thermolysis, largest needle sizes are preferred because it affects energy pattern. Does the same rule apply to galvanic/blend? Should I aim for largest size I can work with or a medium size like 003 0r 004 will provide effective energies? My fear is that I won’t be able to see follicle opening to fit larger sizes.

having done quite a bit of research on probes myself of late, and having quizzed the professional who worked on me this morning, I am prepared to give at least a partial answer to this.

Ideally, you want to match the probe size with the hair size under magnification. I’m a transgirl , and having work done on my upper lip, chin and face. For me this morning, my electrolysist used a number 3 probe ( .003 diameter , a f3 probe). She was using sterex probes as it was at a school, but recommended the ballet gold as many others here have. At least one of the professionals here have told me they work exclusively with f3’s so I’d say tht is a good size to start with.If you are working primarily with finer hairs or velllus hairs, you might want to go thinner , maybe a 2, but the f3 advice seems to work for the people I have talked to.


Blend = tapered needles!

Although the sizing is not exactly correct, the Ballet tapered are okay. I still have a dozen or so of the REAL Hinkel tapered (I guard them like gold).

The tapered needles were designed FOR the blend method, but are great for thermolysis too (well, mostly manual HF). If you use the tapered needle, use it correctly!

You need to insert the tapered part into the follicle itself. Having the taper “high and dry” above the follicle renders the design useless. (Most of the tapered needles today are too long in the blade, so they can’t be used properly.) The smaller sizes of Ballet work okay … just select a needle that’s smaller (length) than you think would be appropriate.

For face work, i.e., upper lip, a real tapered needle is phenomenal; I don’t think they can be beat … even better than insulated as far as guarding against overtreatment. “Small A” is the size … if you can find them.

Sadly, almost nobody uses tapered needles any more. Even Ballet is not interested in them; Hinkel doesn’t care either. Again, a “technology” that has been largely forgotten … at least at the moment.

I bet Mike Roy would make a prototype of a Hinkel that you like. :wink:

Michael I will be working only on body. I think DIY on face is too risky to even think about. For body work what size would you recommend from Ballet line “A Short taper” in what diameter? And does gold plating matter because it seems Ballet only produces B-Medium tapers in gold.

Am I lucky because prestige lists “A-short” :slight_smile:

I remember you discussing here how people don’t fit in the taper completely because it looks scary. I wish you could produce a youtube clip to illustrate how you work with tapers.

Hi Fenix,

I would try the Ballet TBM (tapered B medium), and the TBS (tapered B small). These will fit most body hairs (actually one is a bit too fat and the other a bit too thin … they still work okay.)

I almost never use gold (unless there is some sort of allergy). (I’m told) HF tends to “flow-collect” at the outer surface of any needle, but with gold (a better conductor) the HF really stays on the “surface.” Not sure if this has any significance … except the gold might be slightly hotter (and why some people think they get better releases with gold needles, i.e., a hotter needle = easier release). You can get the same result with a standard needle by increasing the HF.

Yeah, many operators tell me they get “better releases” with gold … but I think the needle is just “HF hotter.”

I will try the B. Hopefully I will see where I’m sticking needles into.

May i ask the same question for body hair on women, say fairly fine hair on arms , or legs? Thank you for your help

I want to double check if my Hinkel shank is K size for tapered needles? I thought all Hinkel machines come with K shank holders only but then I learned that Hinkel makes an F shank as well. thanks

Looks like a “K” to me. With the “F” (I remember this as “fat” needle shank") … they drill out the pin-vise so the fat shank will fit. You need both.

“I would try the Ballet TBM (tapered B medium), and the TBS (tapered B small). These will fit most body hairs (actually one is a bit too fat and the other a bit too thin … they still work okay”

Does most body hairs include female, thin body hair as well or would you suggest a different size for that?
Thanks Michael.