Tips and Tricks

Hey DIYers, I just thought it would be nice if some of you shared any tips you may have. I know some of you have logged a lot of hours on yourselves.
I have the Hinkle U3 for myself. Haven’t goten home to use it yet though. Plans are to use it on arms/chest/stomach/legs after LASER/Electrolysis to get whatever is missed/left. J

HI J some tips get yourself some reading glasses and or good magnifacation lighting and a magnifiying mirror mine is a swivel type fixed to the wall so I can move it to accomodate the wierd angles required on arms etc
start practising on your legs I didnt have the luxury of a blend unit so had to start off with a prehistoric thermolysis unit it does not even have a timer so I have to count but hey it works! although a fast learning curve i think it was better as the amount of hair I had to remove would have taken forever using blend and I think i would have given up.

I can remove about 8 hairs a minute with very little to no scabbing I tend to treat a few then remove them rather than do this individually so treat ten hairs remove ten etc I found this to be faster.Also drawing a circle or square on your skin helps you keep track of where you are treating and where you have been

Its a slow process but it works.

Calamine lotion reduces any swelling quickly and 10vol hydrgogen peroxide work much better for me as aftercare than t.tree oil also found using a zinc based cream helps great with healing.

Hope some of this helps and good luck.

Thanks! I am lookin into loupes for my magnification. I may need a mag lamp too though cause my arm will be in my face pretty much. J

We have tried a lot of magnifiers: Lighted 5" disk magnifier, several headband magnifiers, and a pair of binocular loupes. I can’t use the lighted disk at all. I normally need to use 2D reading glasses. Without the glasses, I can’t focus through the 5" disk. With the reading glasses, i can focus but the working distance is reduced too close to the working area. Also the lens bounces around as you bump it with your face so its hard to stay focused on a folicle. The larger rectangular models may work better but they are pretty expensive. I had high hopes for the binocular loupes. I found some for just under $200. They are 2.5x with a 16" working distance. They work well and have a good image but 2.5x at 16" is too far back. I’d like some that are 3x with an 8" working distance but I can’t find anything like that for under $500. So far we have had the best luck with the simple headband magnifiers. I have a 2.25x and I use it with my 2D reading glasses. I bought mine at Don’t bother with the lighted ones. We use the disk magnifier as the light since it has a nice adjustable boom.

Thanks guys,

I’ve started on my arms a bit recently. It’s extremely slow compared to what James does with his Apilus. I usually do a hair in 8 secs. Perhaps once I’m more competent I will use a faster setting or try my hand at thermolysis.
So far my skin has reacted well. Little to no scabbing. I have been using F3 probes since that’s all I have. I’m ordering F4 and F5 soon.
Once I get back home, I plan to conquer my arms and start on my chest and stomach. I know it will be insanely slow, but at this point I have more time than money.
If anyone gets a chance, I’d love updates, or better yet a journal on someones DIY project. Thanks J

Hi Templje,

You’re back at home? If so, I’m glad you’re well and safe.

Last summer I did some tests to check the status of one of my old machines (many years of disuse) and put on sale. This machine has more than 26 years and has only slow thermolysis. However, with this machine, I managed to remove the hair of many women in the 80’s.

To test the machine I did a test myself in the back of one of my arms (I have no hair elsewhere), so things were not easy:

-Working on myself.
-In an area of difficult access.
-With one hand to tighten the area.
-With a slow thermolysis (more painful than the Flash)
-If this were not enough with all the hairs in telogen (except one).

Maybe it is helpful.

Thanks for posting! and Yep I’m back in the states. I’m actually at James’ place right now getting my face re-cleared.
I just watched the video you linked. Your “slow” thermo is still WAY faster than the 8-10 sec blend I am doing. My machine is capable of doing the faster thermolysis, I just havent tried it yet. I will when I get home. I just know that insertions have to be very good with thermolysis and I’m not sure mine are that good. J

True, but the slow thermolysis is less risky than the fast thermolysis (Flash). Slow thermolysis never produce the cutting effect so aptly described by Michael, when insertion is not very good.

I’m anxious to see the photos of the second clearance!

Are you back to stay, T?

I am Dee. My year is finished!!

Great! Thanks you for your service, templje.

Thanks for your appreciation! We start on my chin tomorrow…it’s torture!!

Are you getting Synchro or Pico?

Pico mostly I think, but we do both. The hairs are just so huge and deep. I’ve got my cream on now so we’ll see how it goes! J

Templje, many hair of your arms will be in telogen phase, so the insertion must not be very deep.

There is a small exercise that I put to my pupils when they begin. It is to train the sight to recognize the phase of the hair before the insertion. The majority of the pupils learn in less than one hour, you want to try it?

Actually, we have not graduated down to Pico yet on most of his thickest hairs. While most men’s hairs are in the 600’s the treatment energy for my dear friend her started in the crazy high levels, and we are now, on this second clearance between 1500 and 2000 per hair. :whistle: For that high a level, I usually work in Syncro.
We both can’t wait until the 3rd or 4th clearance when the treatment energy will be even lower.

I’m doing more Synchro thermolysis. For straight, very thick, very deep anagen hairs, it is a dream modality. For some reason, I am seeing a lot of women lately who have been heavy duty tweezer’s for 20 years or more and those hairs are crazy strong with root sheaths that cover almost the entire hair that is under the skin. Besides that, a lot of them are white and very spiky. Synchro just cuts right to the chase with those unbelievable hair structures and the hairs slide out in one nice piece with such ease. Top layers of skin look like nothing happened. Simply wonderful. Being that I am working on women, I am not using near the energy levels you have to use on J. Clients say PicoFlash is more comfortable than Synchro, but yet they are still able to lay on the table for 85 minutes to get a clearance.

I am very thankful that I have Synchro in my “toolbox”. It is good stuff. Have fun you two!

Would someone please explain what “synchro” mode is? Some combination of DC and RF with particular timing or pulses?

I find pico more comfortable as well, but most of my facial hair has to be done in synchro. Granted, in synchro my facial hair can take over 1200eL, I can only image how that would feel in pico :crazy:

You can read about it here, Rhodesengr. Just scroll down until you find it.