Tipping for laser treatments

Is is customary to tip for laser treatments performed in a doctor’s office? I receive electrolysis treatments from the same practitioner in a spa setting and I do tip for that. But something doesn’t seem right about tipping in a doctor’s office and I have not done so there.I would be interested in hearing feedback from others on this topic, both from patients and practitioners.RJC2001

I did not tip in the laser office. That office had a strict no tip no gift policy to avoid any possible issues or expectations.
The place I go now for electrolysis is a spa type setting and I do tip a small amount similar to what I tip my hairdresser or at a restaurant.


I do not accept tipping for my services. My fees are professional fees and I am paid fairly for what I do. I work in a fast-paced family physician office that is associated with a very large medical center that teaches medical students and residents - very white coat and serious looking. Tipping would be inappropriate in my setting and situation.

I have had a few people absolutely insist to the point where they are insulted if I refuse, but I stand firmly.
Electrolysis takes time and money. Clients will put down a chunk of change when all is said and done over the nine months ++++ it takes to reach the end. I think enough is enough.

The few times I have accepted a little more had to do with clients who forgot about an appointment and wanted to add a few dollars for the inconvenience it caused me. I accepted because it made them feel better.