Tipping for laser hair removal: Yea or Nay?

I’m going in for my first laser hair removal appointment tomorrow after getting a Groupon offer for a medical spa.

I’m wondering about tipping practices: is it commonplace or expected to tip for laser hair removal? Does it depend on the type of clinic you go to (med spa, doctor’s office, salon/spa)? If tipping is expected, what percent / how much?

It never would have occurred tome to tip, but the fine print the spa added to this offer states “Gratuity not included.” so now I’m curious – thanks!

The place i went to had that so i just asked her what she expects she said its personal up to me but that the deal sites put that on all deals even when not expected because they hope people tip which makes the company want to run snother deal with them again. sorry for the bad writing im sending from my tablet with no autocorrect :slight_smile: