tiny red veins after blend

after a few painful and unsuccessful electrolysis sessions on my face, my face still looks red - since last christmas. i looked closely in the mirror and i saw tiny red veins on the area treated only. something like rosacea. that is what makes my face look red.probably because blend produced something chemical that irritated my veins? will they fade with time, or is it permanent damage? can i try thermolysis on that area, or will it irritated my skin and make more little red veins appear?

My first thought as I read your post was, poor practitioner skill using inferior equipment. You’re still red from when you started at Christmas time??? Tiny red veins appearing in places where you had treatment are not the norm with the blend method. Sounds like you received REPEATED poor treatment. It could be a coincidence that something else is happening in conjunction with the electrolysis treatments, but I’m thinking it probably is not. Have you seen a dermatologist for an opinion on those tiny viens??

Do you have the luxery of finding a new electrologist to get a test spot with thermolysis? Thermolysis would be better if you have a lot of hair. Maybe you are sensitive to the lye that is produced with blend and a switch to thermolysis maybe better for you.

It sounds like you have stopped treatments and that your skin has had a chance to rest and heal. This is not a usual normal outcome for blend or any other kind of electrolysis. Most after electrolysis side effects do heal, they just take time, sometimes as much as 18 months.