Tiny, or someone who has used One Touch

I got my One Touch today…

As I said before I am basically hairless…just have these light hairs that hurt really bad when I take off my ice hockey gear…(I tape my shoulders so the pads dont come off when I get hit)

There are like maybe 50 hairs…if I get under a well lit area I can see them pretty well.
I was looking at the One Touch…and if you push down on the lever…a tiny little needle comes out…

Is this the stylet? Or is it the bigger metal tip
at the end?

The book doesn’t really explain it too well…

Do you put the One Touch into the follicle…THEN push down the lever?

Or do you push down on the lever before you insert it into the hair follicle?

hehe, ya, the needle should be out, so push down the lever ahead of time (i.e. even before you connect the battery)

then stick the needle in the hair.

I’ll post a picture of the angle you’ll probably want…

<img src=“http://www.geocities.com/tinyhairtells/Cap0014.txt” alt="" />

not sure about yer hairs , but the ones i saw on my sholder angle from the back to the front.

basically what your doing is sticking the needle all the way in, the 3mm or 5mm or however long it is with lever down. make sure you go along the hair so its where you think the root is… the hair is straight so go with the grain…(ie. the hair doesn’t curve or nothin once its in the skin.)

go in slow even if it burns a little … cause you never want to force it in, it should just glide in I’d do my left sholder first, (using my right hand, just like in the picture if I were doin my sholders)

It will take some getting used to for sure.

If it was the other way around…without the needle having to stick out it would of been really easy lol

I opened it and didn’t know you had to push the needle down…so I was like…this doesnt look too

Then I read about pushing the lever down and saw the little needle and was like o man lol

I play ice hockey so I am used to getting stitches and have no fear of needles…and this is not even close to a big needle compared to what Im used to being put into my skin when I get stitched up…sometimes I even get stitched w/o having the area numbed. So putting the needle into my skin isnt a big deal…just trying to do it right seems like it may take alot of practice.

I don’t have any hair on my body I can test it on…maybe a few little hairs on my abs by my belly button…I guess I could test it there first?

I guess I will try setting two for 15 seconds…that sound about right?

Can you take me through the exact steps you do?

Ie Do you turn the setting on before or after you have inserted the needle…how do u complete the circuit? By touching it with salt water?

Just the basic run down…step by step…would help alot.

Also how do you sterilize the needle? Alcohol?

turn dial upto 2, dip your fingers in some salt water, make sure battery is connected

grab the pen thingy with your thumb and 2 fingers next to your thumb just like a marker and stick it in:)

burn the needle tip with a lighter or stove for a sec or 2