Tiny inflamations post treatment

Sometimes ( I would say 1 out of 4 2-hour sessions) I get a tiny collection (2-3) inflamed hair follicles after treatment. The area looks like a teeny pimple red mark but it’s not really, nor is it tender to the touch. I have an esthetician that drains them for me. Does anyone else often get these? I notice that they are more likely to happen if the pore had been previously clogged. What do you do about them?


The reason we recommend Tea Tree Oil for post treatment is because it dissolves necrotic tissue and dissolves puss as well.

Hopefully, someone else will chime in and offer their experience with using this form of temporary hair removal on a long term basis.

Had it done at a salon a couple of times. I find that I don’t get those little zits if I put a cold compress and then a zit cream immediately after on the threaded area.

The reason “zit cream” works, is that it is also designed to slough off skin, and react with liquid bodily fluids. Tea Tree Oil is a more natural way to do the same thing. It is also recommended for “zits” :wink: