i used the one touch kit for the first time yesterday and it was painful. on setting 1 i felt that tingling feeling but it did not subside and stayed throughout the time i held it there and hurt slightly (is this normal?). is the tingling feeling to let you know you’ve got the pore or does it indicate your completely in the root?

There are various parameters involved. I would suggest learning on hairs that are typically about 3mm deep at the root. It will be easier to tell if you are actually inserting the probe into the follicle and when you have reached the root. When you do a successful treatment, you should feel a slight tingle during the entire treatment. If you missed the root, either by penetrating too far or forcing the probe under the skin, but outside the follicle, you will experience pain that is much higher than the tingle. Also if you treat for too long, you will feel the tingle turn into pain. On the other hand, there are areas that are more sensitive and will be more painful than tingly, so it is best to have mastered the settings and timings a bit prior to working on these areas. Very shallow rooted hairs can be painful and must be treated delicately.

Be aware that setting 0 is not off; the unit has a 10k rheostat and the 10 setting is zero resistance (pure power from the 9 volt battery) and the 0 setting is 10k ohms as opposed to about 9k for the setting of 1. Some people would be comfortable with even more resistance (less applied power), but this would require some modifications to the unit or the way you use it, but this too is not extremely tricky.

finally i’ve got the hang of it.
bending the tip was the best thing that happened to me because now inserting the tip into the hair follicle at an angle is much easier than before.

allowit, the only concern with a bent tip is where it’s bent. If it’s in the middle of the probe, you might not be able to get the tip all the way to the base of the follicle, where it needs to be to cause the damage. This is especially true of deeper, coarse hairs.

Having said that, there are machines made in Japan that use probes bent at 90 degrees. However these probes are made this way by the manufacturer. It’s possible that bending probes yourself can shorten their life.

its bent where the stylet tip is exposed
i think it worked because the hair that i pulled out also seemed to have some liquid(transparent) at the root for which i assumed it was a sign of a succesful try.

those hair roots that ive electrolysed have looked like red dots after 2 days. is this normal?

I would highly recommend checking out NoHair’s site and his other posts regarding making modifications to the One Touch unit. It is so simple and inexpensive to put together the sponge “foot pedal” that he describes and it makes all the difference in the world when using this device. I tried the One Touch without the modification, and had a significant “red dot” problem because, like NoHair explained above, the setting of “0” still has electricity going to the probe, so you end up burning the skin as you are inserting the probe into the follicle. With the “foot pedal”, you can get the probe in the follicle first and then zap the hair by making the connection with the sponge. It made a major difference in the amount of redness and swelling once I made the alteration.

Many thanks to NoHair for all of the information! :smile:

You’re certainly welcome. I could find so little when I was investigating self-electrolysis. I’m glad that I was able to help others with the tips I discovered. Hopefully others will also gain from the info at www.NoHair.info