timeless skin care in kings cross, London...

Hi, I’ve been searching all over the internet for reviews of timeless skincare in kings cross and i cant seem to find anything. If anyone on here has any experience with them I’d love to here what you think. thanks

We haven’t heard of them here, but do post the name of the machine they use and your skin and hair type and area you want to treat. Also, go for a free consultation and post settings they want to use here. We can help you determine if they’ll be worth it.

I’ve booked a consultation for next wednesday. I know they use Alexandrite gentlase laser, which I’m presuming will work well for me as I’m very pale and have dark coarse hairs. I’m getting my bikini line done. I’ll report back after the consultation with the info they give me.

Should work really well. Make sure they use the 18mm spot size, its much better than the smaller spot sizes; on the 18mm, if you are a skin type I/II/III, it should be on a minimum of 16j to get effective results. Tell us what they want to use before you get the treatment. Goodluck.

Hi I had my consultation today and everything seemed to go well. She said I waa skin type II and that the gentlelase should work really well. When I asked about joules and spot sizes used she started by saying that they normally start on 14j i’m guessing that’s with 18mm spot size? And then work their way up. I explained that I’m not bothered by pain so she seemed open to suggestions. However after the spot test she said for my first session she would use 15mm at 22j, is this any good? I think the thing that’s confusing me is why does spot size make a difference as long as the joules used corresponds with this? For example wouldn’t an 18mm spot size at 20j have almost the same effect as 15mm at 22? Like I said she seemed pretty open to suggestions and not at all pushy I’m just slightly confused as to what’s best.

On 18mm, max is 20J. On 15mm, max is 30J. The two settings are about equivalent because impact of the joules decreases as you drop the spot size.

Starting at 14J is fine at 18mm. Sounds like they know what they’re doing. There is no reason to use 15mm on bikini.

i called the lady back today just to explain that after a lot of research and comments on this forum that I would feel a lot more comfortable being treated with 18mm spot size as i’ve heard at good settings this is the most effective. She said thats fine and she will start at 14j at 18mm for the first 2 sessions then go up to 16j and then 18j. I think this sounds pretty promising? One question i have is that I’m having an ‘extended bikini’ treatment which also involves hairs on my inner thighs. The hairs close to my bikini line are very dark and coarse hairs however the hairs lower down nearer my thigh area are still dark and fairly thick but theres obviously much less of them. Is this safe to treat? And in your experience should the machine settings be altered for this?

All of that hair is fine to treat. As long as the hair is coarse, it’ll be affected. Just make sure they don’t treat patches with no hair.

Those settings are fine. If you can push them to 16J 18mm on second treatment, even better.

Btw, consider a numbing cream. Those are good settings and bikini has dense hair, so it hurts. Or at least icing.

The above comments sounded good so thought I might give the place ago but I just looked at timeless skin care’s site and they have a video entitled “Candela GentleLASE Hair Removal Procedure” and the nurse is lasering the arms of a man with fair hair!

That makes me want to question the clinic’s knowledge and why if it’s a Candela made video why something that misleading is used.

Or am I out of step and lasers can treat fair hair?

Have you tried derma beauty?

thats a good point i didnt actually notice that in the video when i saw it! and as far as im aware your right- you can only treat dark, coarse hairs. The only thing I would say is that the lady did explain all of this to me and she seemed pretty knowledgable so I’m guessing they have just used this candela made video to show the laser technique they use rather than who they treat. I havent started treatment there yet so cant really advise you but when i do I will post my experience on here.

Loulou - wish you all the best with it and I hope it goes well, look forward to reading about it.

Peace1 - I have dark skin so don’t Derma’s laser would work for me.

not thinking straight just realised - timeless beauty also have a Gentlelase - ah well.

Your treatment sounds really promising, really good to hear that.

I thought the name of this clinic rang a bell and I remember calling them and the woman I spoke to on the phone just didn’t have a clue, she was saying that they start treatments at a low setting and then work up to higher settings which seemed to conflict with everything I’ve read so after that I decided not to go in for treatment.

I think it is really hit and miss with getting a good practitioner. But keep us updated as I’m really interested in your extended bikini line treatment, I think that’s what I would need.

People who pick up the phone are often just receptionists. I wouldn’t judge a clinic’s knowledge based on that.

Also, videos are not necessarily something that’s done at the clinic. Who knows where the marketing person got it and posted it. And even if it was at the clinic, it may have been just for marketing purposes and not an actual treatment on a patient.

I just wanted to give an update on my progress with my treatment as I know a few people seemed interested in this clinic. I had my first treatment exactly 2weeks ago and so far so good. During my first treatment I was treated using 14j using 18mm spot size on my bikini line (extended) using a gentlelase machine. I felt some discomfort and pain during the procedure but to be honest my pain tolerance is pretty high so I didn’t expect that to be a problem.immediately after treatment my skin was very red but after an hour or so it returned to normal and I felt no discomfort at all after. After about a week the shedding started and now 2weeks later I think it’s complete. There seems to be a few hairs that are still stuck under the surface and a tiny amount of hairs that I think were missed but overall i’d say iv seen about 80% shedding after my first treatment. Il keep u posted after each treatment as I know how difficult it can be to find reviews on certain clinics in London and I know what a help this forum has been to me it’s only fair to return the favour!

Shedding lasts 3 weeks, so more hairs may come out. Stuck hairs are pepperspots and they’re dead hairs anyway. So everything sounds good.


Louloubell please let me know how your treatments are going and if you have stayed to have the full course of treatments with Timeless? I am considering them as I am keen to be treated with a gentlelase, - I have skin type II.

Also thank you so much all posters especially LAgirl! Before I found this forum I was completely clueless, and I think now I am only a bit clueless!

I have been searching for reputable places to have LHR in London and so far have not done very well.

First I went to Transform, Harley Street. They were really nice and answered all my questions and gave me a free spot test. However, there was no mention of different lasers or settings or what would be the best combination of settings for me - but I assumed that all hair removal lasers were much the same. The spot test didn’t hurt at all, but the girl said that she had used really low settings just to see if my skin would react, and for the actual treatment obviously the settings would be higher. From reading this forum I have learnt that actually having a spot test on really low settings was useless! The spot test did not affect the hair at all, it has grown back as normal. The girl here was also really insistent that the appointments should be 4 weeks apart, even though I said I thought it was usually at least 6 weeks. This was just over a week ago and no-one has contacted me to ask how I found the spot test, if I have any other questions or if I want to book. So I certainly can’t complain about a hard sell at least.

Then I went to Harley Medical Group (the Harley St one) - my thinking was that if I go with a big chain then I can’t really go wrong. I got a very “hard sell” from a practitioner who couldn’t tell me anything about the lasers they used except that they were the “strongest available” and FDA approved. At least by this appointment though I was aware I should be asking about different lasers. And I wasn’t happy that she didn’t know about any other types of lasers, all she knew was that the Harley Medical Group ones work really well. I wasn’t offered a spot test, and I felt the consultation was rushed. I was told that the appointments should be 6 weeks apart though, which I was happier about. In the end I booked an appointment £73! just so that I could leave, and figured it would be easier to get a refund than try to leave without booking. Beware any other slightly less than assertive readers!!! Harley Medical Group will only offer refunds if requests are made in writing, 10 days before an appointment! Then their business manager will review your request for a refund and put a cheque in the post!! The money does not just go back on the card as you would expect from any other business in the 21st century. Anyway, sorry, rant over…

I have since discovered that this HMG branch uses the Elite Apogee, which actually sounds as though it would be good for me, so maybe I should just ask for a different practitioner? I thought I should do some more research before I committed myself to an appointment though, so the refund request is in.

So now my search continues… I have made a consultation appointment with London Premier Laser Clinic (the Notting Hill/ Kensington one) and I am going to make an appointment with Timeless too. Both of these clinics use Gentlelase, so hopefully I will have some better luck with them!

If anyone has any more comments about their experiences with Timeless, or can recommend a particularly good practitioner there I would really appreciate it! The same goes for London Premier Laser Clinic - I can’t find any reviews for them, I think they are a small chain with only 4 or 5 branches in London.

Any other comments or advice from anyone here would be wonderful!

Also from reading this forum this is what I have decided my settings should be, what do you all think?

Bikini line, type II skin, 18 spot size, 16j for 1st appointment 18j for the rest. Do you all agree?

And my final question: In London 6 weeks apart is the standard amount of time between treatments, and at the consultations with Transform and HMG I did question this and they gave me the “science bit” about how the hair must be in the correct growth phase - although Transform said 4 weeks and HMG said 6 weeks for this.

Please help and thank you already for the help you have already been!

Hey Emz,

At the risk of sounding like I’m pushing Renew Medica - that’s where I had my treatment. Oxford Circus branch.

Some other posters have tried it and not been too happy but I believe it is because the tech decided to use the LightSheer on them during the consults.

Otherwise, they have an Apogee Elite, which they use for clients that are more suitable for Alex or YAG treatment.

I’ve completed my Laser treatments with them and my sister is currently undergoing hers. So are a number of my friends and my cousin. We’re all treated by the same machine (AE Nd:YAG) and the same tech and other than some pricing issues, all feedback about treatments and progress has been good. You can see mine and my sister’s pics in the post linked in my sig.

Anyway, the consultation and test patch is free. I’d give it a try and if they decide to use the Apogee Elite Alex on you, I’d say you can expect decent treatment.

  • Yes, you’ve got the settings down

  • You don’t need to discuss timing with the clinic. Just schedule the appts when you want to come in. They can’t force you to do anything.

  • There are several other recommended clinics in addition to the one stoppit mentioned. We have a London clinic thread somewhere on the forum.