Time to finish/# of hair cycles

I have been doing electrolysis on my upper body for about 2 months. I have been hitting it hard, sometimes 4 hours a week to maintain as much of a full clearance as possible. She uses flash thermolysis (Fischer CB-X). Here are my questions…

  1. My electrologist says that each region will need 25 clearances in order to be complete. Does upper body hair have this many hair cycles?

  2. If I am able to keep the upper body pretty much cleared as soon as hair appears, how long should I expect before treatments are done?


If you are keeping the area cleared out you should be done in 12 to 24 months if you keep at it hard. You won’t need to stay at 4 hours a week the whole time, and towards the end you won’t need to go every week either. You should already be looking pretty bare in the areas that you are getting fully cleared every time.

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growth chart