Time to clear armpits and legs with short wave?


I’m a male thinking of getting my armpits and legs done with short wave.

I’m lucky to have a darn good electrologist (treating other areas right now).

Anyone care to share their experiences re: time to clear armpits with short wave (vs. say, blend)?

I’ve been told by several people that the legs go fast this way.

Thanks for your time.

It takes about 2-3 hours to clear the armpits. Maintenance clearings seem to go faster. You will be glad you did it. The feeling is incredible! And no more perspirations stains on shirts either, at least from my experience.

I have not had my legs done with electro, I’m using laser on them right now. But I may finish with electrolysis.


Legs can be anywhere from 3 to 12 hours first clearance on both. It depends on the speed of your electrologist, and the hair growth factors you present.

Armpits are one of the easier places to clear, though it can be painful. Here’s a clinical study on armpit hair in women:


Much obliged. Any thoughts on tea tree leaf oil afterwards and recommended vitamin E lotion?

hi, i have had both areas treated so thought i would add my experience.

on my underarms i have only had thermolysis (short wave) and flash thermolysis. i am a woman and the first time it took about 2 and a half hours for both. now it takes about an hour or less. i used to wait 6-8 weeks in between treatments but now i go every 2-3 weeks. i find the underarms to be the most painful areas for me so by going in every two weeks there’s just a little to be done and i don’t have to suffer through it for so long. i really couldn’t stand the hour long treatments or even 40 mins. anymore.

as far as legs, i am not having them done regularly but once i had them worked on with blend and probably a 2X2 sq inch area was cleared in an hour and it was PAINFUL and i felt it was a GIANT waste of time and money. i had the same lower leg worked on for one hour with Flash thermolysis and over half of my lower leg was done. my current electrologist can clear my lower leg in 2 hours or less with Flash.

Good luck!


I’m getting my upper legs (thigh area) done and the results have been fabulous. We’ve cleared the back of the thighs but I do find this area very sensitive (hence painful!). What keeps me going is that I know I’ll have gorgeous legs afterwards!

Btw, my electrologist uses multi-needle galvanic for that area. I haven’t come across anyone who does flash in Sydney. Does anyone know of an electrologist using flash here?