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How many hours would it take for me to get my butt done? I guess I don’t have as much hair as a guy would, but I do have much more than average- enough to make me self conscious anyway- and it’s dark hair on light skin so it’s quite noticeable. How long would I need to go for to get the entire area done (I wear a size 10 if that’s a factor), and how many times after that would I need for it to be redone? While it is extremely important to me, I’d rather not spend a lot of money and time. Thank you very much, your website has been a great help.



I can tell you that I have had 4 laser treatments on the buttocks area. Although I still have some regrowth, mostly right at the anus, I definitly have a lot less hair now. I think I am getting the best results in this area. I believe that the technician is concerned about hurting me therfore the reason why I still have hairs at this area.

Everyone is different, you may need less or you may need more treatments. It also depends if you go for laser or electrolysis as well.

If you have little hair, as you stated, then I would recommend electrolysis.


It’s very hard to predict total time without seeing how much hair you’re talking about. You can try waxing, which is superfast, but temporary. You’ll have to be extra good about exfoliating to avoid ingrowns. You might start there and see how you like it.

If you want a possibly permanent option, you might try several sessions of laser, but it’s very important to go to someone with experience, especially if the hairs are fairly fine. I had a lot of electrolysis on my butt, and the result was good. Electrolysis takes a LONG time, though, and can hurt. Laser and electrolysis are not fun around the tailbone, but the rest is bearable.


I know that everyone is not me, but in my practice I am able to bare most areas in the space of one month or less so that the person can take the rest of the treatment time just to keep clear. I don’t know that many people realize that electrolysis can be used this way.

Again, I know that everyone can’t get my results, but if one only put their current waxing budget to electrolysis with a practitioner like myself, the problem would soon be a memory.


Sona centers are in several cities around the US and opening more franchise centers all the time.

Sona charges $1,080 for 5 treatments on the buttocks for men or women if you buy our package of buy four tx and get the fifth free. If a sixth touch up tx is needed it is free. Each tx takes about 30 minutes.

Sona has a very effective topical if you have areas sensitive to the laser tx, called Sonacaine.