Time periods and estimates, please help!


I am a male and am quite hairy, more so on my legs and forearms, I do not shave or do any other hair removal because I dislike the regrowth period. Would that mean that I might need less cycles than the average person as I wouldn’t have to wait for areas to grow in full?

I would be looking to get removal on arms, underarms, legs, torso, back which actually isn’t that hairy and perhaps only a little shaping below if you understand. Have you ever heard of how long it might take to do everything or have a estimate of how many thousands of pounds it might cost in full? I have been looking at Mairi Hawkes as I understand she is very good and fast. I understand that it would take a while and cost a lot so please be kind, I would just like to know how quickly it could be done if I had money sitting and could go frequently.

Any help or info would be much appreciated, thank you!

In general expect to invest 12-24 months, every 4-8 weeks until you’re hopefully finished if electrologist is killing hair efficiently.