Time between waxing

Need some help from some of you out there who are waxing pro’s! I have an appointment tom. and it has only been 2 weeks since my last waxing. The lady who does the work for me thinks that my skin could handle the wax every 2 weeks! Is this a good or bad idea?

You hair must grow fast; since it seems that 2 weeks growth would not be long rnough for the wax to grab onto. I had regular waxings before permanent removal;but I waited 6 weeks in between. I don’t ever recall having a skin problem from frequent waxings I don’t know what areas you are waxing. Maybe some areas on you are more prone to irritation by frequent waxings.My regular waxings were the pubic,underarm and chest areas.Except for maybe an hour I never had any problems with redness or otherwise.

Waxing Pro here…there is no problem getting waxed every two weeks, that’s what I used to do myself.
I did find something interesting out though.
For a couple of years I did my legs every two weeks and I always could feel some stubble, which I’m assuming was the hairs that were about to show up next.
One time I hurt my back and didn’t wax my legs for four weeks and there was absolutely no stubble that time and the waxing job lasted much longer before I could feel hairs growing in.
I’m not too sure about the reason for that but normally I couldn’t wait four weeks because the amount of hairs waving at me would drive me insane…although I might be inclined to do that in the winter.
I caved in and started shaving my legs this summer but will go back to waxing in the fall for sure.

Kathy :grin:

In my experience, you may only be getting some of the hairs that are in the active stage… I know that after 2 weeks, sure I have some hairs to show, but after 3 or 4 weeks, I have more… some hairs may be deeper, or slower growing, and emerge after 2 weeks…

What you may be doing is waxing half your hairs, twice as often… if that makes sense…

If you want to spend the extra money and time to stay as smooth as possible, then sure, go every two weeks… you may consider an epilator for the first couple f weeks growth, and then go for waxing every 4 or 6 weeks…

Experiment and see what you can live with…


I also wax every couple of weeks, sometimes even less! My follicles are very active, I guess…